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Point 10 of Our Revelations is as follows: The human spirit is horn in a human body to develop the emotion and impression for aesthetic values and to cultivate idealism and mysticism. This is confirmed by another revelation, nl. Life on earth is a school, the curriculum of which is teaching the wellbeing, the happiness and the future of the human spirit. This revelation teaches that the school, which human children attend, is for the wellbeing of the individual, for his attaining a profession and to gain a place in social standing. But this revelation teaches also: "Life on earth is for the human being a school, to acquire knowledge of men and experience of life". These two subjects bring wisdom to the reincarnated spirit. Wisdom is the source of love, benevolence and compassion, and these are the foundation of Eternal Life and Eternal Bliss. There again is the duality: the mortal being and the indwelling spirit — which include both: the human concerns and those of the spirit. The spirit is always the bearer of these solicitudes, which often meet with difficulties through human mental argument and school theories, which collide with its spiritual wisdom. You may therefore conclude, that the life of the human spirit — during its reincarnation in a human body — is not easy and often faces difficult problems, when deciding to further human affairs or spiritual considerations. It is a fact, that the human being does not always realise this situation — and that the human spirit has only after many reincarnations, collected sufficient knowledge of men and life-experience, to recognise the results of these repeated reincarnations on earth. It has then reached a degree of spiritual cleansing and evolution, and the Light of Wisdom is no longer veiled in a foggy mist. Thus it is no more a primitive spirit, but one which climbs higher and higher and always comes closer and closer to the Light of God. It encounters on this upward path many new theories and one of these is: aesthetics. This word is for many people a classic expression, who are not always cognizant of the true meaning of this word. They recognize only its earthly human meaning. Aesthetic is synonymous to beauty and the human being calls everything beautiful, which catches his eye. He perceives beauty in lines and forms, in colours and tunes. Lines, which a sculptor created for his statues — lines, which an architect applied for his houses and buildings — lines on towers and spires, churches, museums, city-halls — the human being observes them and delights in them. Lines and forms satisfy his aesthetic needs. These aesthetic needs are also gratified, when he sees the splendor of colours, he feels their harmony in old-fashioned dresses — on pictures — in room-decorations, and their pleasing impressions satisfy his aesthetic yearnings. This impression of aesthetics, is a kind of fascination for beautiful lines, forms, colours and tunes. But this expression is often the result of the consulting of common sense and their degree of beauty is valued by established academic rules. But there is yet another way of expressing aesthetic impressions, nl: that which is roused spontaneously, without considerations of academic laws and rules. This feeling does not arise from human reasoning, but from the innermost being: the spirit. Lines, forms, colours and tunes can be felt spontaneously by the human spirit — as harmony of the spheres, and the human being is thus entranced in ecstasy and submission. This is the impression, the innermost emotion, the intrinsic feeling of the human spirit — and it is in no way a calculation, resulting from the human brain, in accordance to established theories. This then is true feeling for beauty, which does not always agree with academic rules — the one originates from the mortal being, but the other one proceeds from the spirit. Something else, which the human spirit discovers on his upward road is: Idealism. And besides Beauty and Idealism the spirit gains yet another experience, the one results from the preceding one. As a human being becomes sensitive of aesthetics, he observes of course beauty in all creation — in nature as a whole, as in minerals, plants and animals, but in the beginning he again sees it all with only his human eyes. He appreciates the beauty of music with his human ears — and colors, lines andforms with his human eyes. But in due time he feels beauty with his inmost aesthetic inherency and this arouses an ecstasy in him, without considering established classic laws. This ecstasy included feelings and knowledge, which no longer belong to earthly exaltation, but are invisible and nonmaterial. He feels admiration, even ecstasy — less for the sculpture, the picture or the musical composition, than for their deeper significance — and for the sublime sensation, which animated this puny creator — the human being — to create, the beautiful ingenious work of art. From their lines, forms, colours and tunes radiate the soul of the great artist, rasp. from the spirit, which influenced and animated him — whilst he created it. This moves a person to ecstasy, and this state of ecstasy can elevate his feelings to Idealism, which is able to incite a person to be generous, willing to sacrifice and offering and even to rebellion. The performance of a patriotic opera has often enough — in many countries — been the first impulse to a revolution, because the hearers were roused to an acme of idealism. A third lection, which the reincarnated human spirit has to learn to understand, is Mysticism. This condition too can be physical or spiritual, because usually a person, who is rather ecclesiastical and sacrifices much time, work and money for his church, is called " a mystic". But this is not true mysticism. The true mystical sensation is born of idealism and ecstasy. He, who experienced the sublime impression of ecstasy for lines, forms, colours and tunes, expresses a similar feeling of ecstasy, which stirs regard in him for some sublime strain in the character of his fellow-men, when courage and self-sacrifice is given to a neighbour in danger of his life — for the love of a mother for her children — for a child's submission to the will of his parents etc. Feeling is something immaterial and has nothing to do with physical human eyes or ears. And this impression of idealism and ecstasy can also be directed towards God. the Creator of the Whole Universe — towards the Christspirit as the High Protector and Counselor for people in distress — and towards the Holy Spirit, the High-Sublime Comforter in times of need and suffering. Whosoever harbours these feelings of idealism and ecstasy, no longer needs churches or temples, to improve or to learn to acquire them. He needs no more Holy Scriptures to initiate him into the belief in the One God. His mystic feeling always brings him in contact with the spirit world, where he .builds himself a home, to live in all Eternity. Life on earth means: to acquire the feeling, the impression and sensation for aesthetics, idealism and mysticism.


Point 11 of Our Revelations runs thus: The human spirit is born on earth in a human body, to search for Truth and Wisdom. What is Truth and what is Wisdom?... Truth is the mother of Wisdom. Everybody looks always and everywhere for truth. Truth is the opposite of falsehood, and he, who is searching for truth, learns to differentiate between truth and falsehood. Lies are always false axioms, with which low spirits try to inspire mortal people, to prevent them from discovering the truth. There are many people, who — for personal advantages - use false axioms and construct a thesis of deception and fraud. Some people even utilize lies as a kind of sport, to find out how far they can mislead or cheat the world. There are people, who call themselves philosophers, who use this type of sport for eloquence and sophistry. However — they too search for truth. They expect someone else to construct an anti-thesis, from which truth will be forwarded. From this truth springs wisdom and the resolution to exclude "false axioms", and to fight them. They do not need anything else, no "false axioms", because they have found truth and wisdom. These axioms can never bring forth truth, unless somebody finds out their falsehood and eliminates them. And then everything collapses, which was based on this falsehood and new foundations have to be built as basis for this "real" truth, to raise a new thesis with this newfound truth, which will remain — for Truth cannot be shattered, it is undestroyable, as firm as a rock. Each human spirit is reincarnated to search for truth. But they all live in darkness and each has to look for a beam of light, to follow a track in the unknown. It is spiritual darkness, a kind of blindness, which is dissolved through knowledge of men and life-experience and mainly through the study of truth. By observing the faults of people, their wrong behavior toward their neighbours — their errors and mistakes, which brought them struggles, care and suffering — observing all this will open the eyes of the seeker for truth and help him to distinguish between falsehood and truth and thus build his thesis on true axioms. To "search for truth", is searching for enlightenment. Most spirits are reincarnated on earth without spiritual enlightenment. The spirit knows, that there are things which it has known and which it has searched for, but was never able to find. This notion troubles the spirit and makes it feel, that it lives in spiritual darkness. This is independent of what a person sees with his human eyes. His eyes are alright, neither out of focus nor blind. But there are things, which he longs to see in some other way than with his physical eyes, and which he could accept as true and authentic; there are things, which he can accept as truth through his "intuition". What is this "inner feeling"?... it is intangible and invisible. It is his spirit, the entity within — or some other spirits, which guide him on the rugged path through life. But as yet he does not realize this. When — however — a reincarnated spirit finds the truth, he is drinking from the fount of wisdom. Not everyone comprehends wisdom. The human spirit can search for wisdom, once it has found truth. Wisdom is — since ancient days — represented as a goddess, who tries to elucidate people in unintelligible questions. Once a person has discovered the truth: that there are good and base people, that every human being harbours good and evil, that the human being practices virtues, but also vices, that everyone has to try to improve by life-experience and knowledge of men, that the individual is a Duality: a physical body and an invisible spirit. that the body is built of physical matter and has to return to the soil. that the spirit hails from God and the cosmos, to where it has to return after a satisfactory life as human being... then he is matured enough to meditate about all these discoveries and thus wisdom will dawn on him. He does not yet know, from whence this elucidation arises and is convinced, it derived from himself, his own spirit, but he soon realises that also other — discarnated — spirits talk to him, bring him enlightenment and initiation about his existence as spirit and as mortal individual. Then he develops superior convictions, elucidation and explanations for everything, which he — during his "search for truth" — has found through the explanation of the "why" and "wherefore"... Then he again feels as a child in school, where he had to learn how everything actually is... and later he received explanations by expounding "why everything is as it is". But what he had to learn in this way was always understandable and tangible, human and physical. Now all is intangible to his hands, invisible for his eyes and — ... spiritual. Whilst he was searching for wisdom, he passed from the material world to the immaterial one... As he is now searching for wisdom, will he get an answer to the small word "Why"? He revises all his questions, which he has asked in his search for truth and adds the little word "Why"? Why is there good and evil, virtue and vice...? Why have evil and vice to be fought against...? Why must one have experience of life and knowledge of men...? Why has one to search for truth and wisdom...? Why have we to suffer and to change...? And what stirs him most, is the expression: "Each human spirit is reincarnated on earth to search for Truth and Wisdom". He has learned to comprehend truth, but now asks: "What is Wisdom"?... and "What is the purpose of gaining Wisdom"? When he found truth, the mist around him dispersed and this mist was replaced by Light. This "Light" is the radiation of his wisdom. This "Light" makes it possible for him to see himself — as in a mirror — as he is "cleansed from former evils", because his "search for truth' is coupled with suffering, which eliminates his depravities. There is no cleansing without this burning of evil and wisdom is incomprehensible for the spirit which is still burdened with evil, because this belongs to the sphere of the purification. To search for wisdom is to search for cleansing of evil of the inner being, the "Great Unknown" — which only reveals itself to the human individual, in whom it is reincarnated, after it has found truth and is now searching for wisdom. Each reincarnated spirit of good intentions has to travel this path and realizes this only, when it reaches the Gates of the Temple of Wisdom, which now opens for it to enter. To possess wisdom is proof of purifying and of rising in the spirit world — this is the result of knowledge of men and of life-experiences. The purpose of "gaining wisdom" is: to become a better spirit, to draw closer to the "Light of God", through burning its own evil and vices and-acquiring good and virtues. To gain wisdom means to withdraw from the mist of ignorance and to acquire a radiation, which will be felt by those fellow-beings, who are of "good intentions", and who also search for truth — from where wisdom hails. Wisdom is a spiritual treasure, which does not originate in the human brain, but springs from the spirit. It is born in the soul, which is the recluse of the spirit — where everything is kept, which is to be taken to the spirit world and which determines the place of the spirit in the Spiritual Sphere, which is also the Sphere of Eternal Bliss.


Point 12 of Our Revelations is as follows: The human spirit is born on earth in a human body, to rectify errors and shortcomings, done in previous lives — and to atone for former evil doings. Church leaders exhort — all during one's life — that "God is good, ask of Him what you need and He will give it to you." This is only a half-truth. God Is Good, because His Essence is love, goodness and compassion. But one has to add: the more proof the mortal being gives of goodwill — the more good actions it performs — the more virtues it acquires... the more abundant will be the blessings, which will descend on him out of the High Spirit sphere. But the more proof a human being gives of malevolence, the less will be the help from Heaven. The more evil deeds he performs — the more vices he acquires — the more support will he get from spirits from the underworld and the deeper will this person be lost in darkness. All depends upon the will of the mortal individual. God — however — does not harbour any hate or vengeance. There is always a way of return to the good and to virtue. He, who went astray and acquired vices, has to pay and to redeem for the mental suffering, which he brought on his fellow-creatures and the ransom is also mental suffering, this being the only way in the spirit world for settling unrighteousness. There are few people on earth, whose reincarnated human spirit has not committed wrong — cognisant or otherwise — and after return to the spirit world — it mostly finds some or other shortcomings, which have remained. As long as the spirit feels this it knows, that it is not fully perfected, not yet able to enter Eternal Bliss, but has to return for another reincarnation on earth, for further purifying and burning of shortcomings, through mental suffering. Therefore do not ask God to give you everything, which you think you are in need of. Ask yourself first: "what am I worthy to receive from the Hands of God?"... and this means: how should I live during the time, which I have to spend on earth, to attract the Love of God? — do I practice love, loving-kindness and compassion? Do I regret and repent all my shortcomings and misdeeds? — Do I suffer with submission and humility all difficulties, which I have met with as repentance for previous trespassings? — Have I improved in this life? "It's then and examine your conscience as to your actual plight. Overcome all your defects and errors and search for the Essence of God. This is love, charity and compassion. Fathom and understand these principles and adjust them to yourself. Do not depart from the path, which you now tread. Learn to understand your fellow-man and adjust his thoughts, his feelings, his words and deeds to the rung of his evolution. And should you — nevertheless — have to undergo mental suffering, thank God for this suffering, because it extinguishes the evil which you still harbour. It cleanses you as spirit and brings you closer to the Light of God or even into the Light of Wisdom, where Eternal Bliss is awaiting you. Each one — whether living on earth or in the cosmos — committed evil during his consecutive human lives, because his first lives on earth have passed under the delusion of earthly profusion and physical wealth and carnal temptations. Each one has stumbled and succumbed in his permittivity and his passion for material riches. Each has made other people an accessory to his failings and thus caused them to suffer likewise. It was often enough his love for evil doings and his own vices, which caused his doom. But God always gave him an opportunity to rise again and to evade difficult situations. His experiences of life have given him knowledge of people in their fathoming of good and evil—their virtues and vices. This has strengthened him and taught him, how to react and to avoid evildoings and shortcomings and also strengthened him for the practice of good and virtues. God Is Love. He forgives all evildoings of the primitive human spirit, even his disowning the Almighty Creator, because he commits these wrongdoings during the time of his first lives on earth — in his first stages of permittivity — just like an ignorant child does some thoughtless deed or yields to being wicked. Parents are prone to excuse such childish misbehaviour with the excuse: it is only a child — why should not God kindly forgive his small creatures their little sins and naughtiness? their transgressions, whilst they are only like small children and ignorant? But when the reincarnated spirit starts to observe and to assemble life-experiences and knowledge of men — and develops therefore accordingly, it also starts to realise, that a more valuable way of living is possible, nl: a life of goodness and virtue — that a road exists, which leads to Bliss and Life Eternal. The individual desires to rise to a more perfect life and starts searching for Light and Wisdom. But he feels burdened, he cannot rise, the evil from previous lives still clings to him; he feels like being in the grip of an iron fist, which retards him. Still — he wants to shake off this burden of previous evil and transgressions, he longs to rise. to search for the Light of Wisdom, which is the Light of God. He has made his spiritual testament before his last reincarnation. Low spirits do this also, but these feel more materialistic and ask in their testament for a life on earth in a human body, which will give them much pleasure, luxuries and health. Spirits, which have already reached a higher degree of evolution, do not ask in their testament for human pleasures and delights. They entreat for improvement, for developing of virtues, discovering of deeper wisdom, to enable them — after their human life on earth — to come closer to the Light of God. Spirits, who are already perfect, but still want a reincarnation on earth — ask to be able during this life to serve God's Plans on earth: to show other reincarnated spirits the road to Eternal Life — to help and comfort people in distress — help them to rise — but especially to support them in their process of penance for previous shortcomings — to encourage them — and to instigate them to perseverance in their upward flight to the Light of God. There arc also reincarnated highly evolved spirits, which are still feeble and stop half-way up the road, hoping for someone to raise them. Now liberation cannot be acquired without the applying of willpower and proving of endurance and perseverance, which every spirit of good intentions will establish, sooner or later. The reincarnated human spirit, who is thus engaged, works in the Service of God during its life on earth and fulfils — cognizant or unbeknown — God's own Plans. May every sprit reach this feat — and there will be much rejoicing, delight and gladness in the spirit world.


Point 13 of Our Revelations explains: The human spirit is born on earth in a human body, to learn, to understand, that human spirits have to be born repeatedly in a human body before their process of evolution is perfected and repentance of evil doings paid for in full — before they are found worthy to enter the Light of God and Eternal Bliss. This revelation stands for many questions, i.e.... 1. What is the meaning of "You have to be born repeatedly?" 2. What is the meaning of: "Process of evolution, and repentance of evil doings?" 3. What is the meaning of: "The Light of God?" 4. What means the expression: "Eternal Bliss?" Civilized mankind live no more in barbarity, idolatry or heresy. Great Creeds — though — are still bound to the revelations of former times, given for less developed people — but the thinker, the searcher for truth and wisdom — he, who has reached a higher degree of evolution, no longer limits himself to the explanations and revelations, given at the time, when barbarism was not yet exterminated and idolatry still flourished. He searches for the "Why" of everything. He listens to new revelations and tries to understand, that the old times have gone, that new generations have emerged and that to those, who deserve to rise, must be given the opportunity to advance still higher. People accept, that in the art of painting, of sculpture, of music etc. new directions and rules have to come, but that these are only excrescences, side-leaps of the conception, "Art", and that the one expression of art, the "Classical" Art is immortal. They also accept, that endeavour is at work, to beautify this. "Classical Art", beautify its forms, lines, colours and tunes. But they forget, that "Belief" is something different. The conception of "Belief" has in several Creeds changed to other forms and colours, and the music, which is used, has a different timbre. But the potency of the Belief remains unchanged: the existence of the One God, the All-Highest Lord and Master, the Creator of the Universe and of the human spirit. There are — however — Creeds, which are practiced by primitive reincarnated spirits. These — in their simplicity and permittivity — pray to the spirits of their ancestors, and they believe, that they are being chastised and punished by them and are pestered by invisible entities, whilst sleeping. They believe in the forces of phenomena and revere them as gods. They try — during Divine Service — to flatter their forbears with singing and dancing. The deeper comprehension is however, that they believe, and this is the main point. And this belief is tuned to the degree of their evolution, to the sphere in the cosmos, which is their spiritual home. Their lives on earth allow them, to experience many things and slowly their conceptions change and they obtain a notion of wisdom. They practice different creeds in new incarnations, and each new church, of which they become a member, reveals to them a new truth, which causes them, to think about it, to meditalc on these new truths. Still more new revelations seep into them, and this separates truth from apparent truth. This discernment causes them to approach the Universal Truth closer and closer, which is -on earth-spread among several Creeds, but which is soiled and corrupted by many false "truths". They become acquainted with slogans and revelations, which are much muttered by believers, but never analyzed... and also with the Revelation: "You have to be born repeatedly in a human body, before your process of evolution is perfected and repentance of evil doings paid for in full before you will be found worthy to enter the Light of God and Eternal Bliss." The searcher for truth and wisdom does not rest content with any dogma. He enquires into the possibility of an eventual truth. And only, when lie feels an inner urge to accept this truth — he rests content and experiences this truth, because now it is not only his human mind which accepts it, but the wisdom of his spirit. Never ask a human being with a still primitive spirit, whether lie believes he is a spirit, whether his spirit will repeatedly reincarnate in a human body, whether he be searching for truth and wisdom, whether he will be living after the death of his physical body, whether he searches for the Light of God or whether lie endeavours to overcome his evil and vices — and ultimately — unburdened from all evil — purified and perfected — to enter Eternal Life. He is not able to understand you. He docs not — as yet — believe in God, neither does he believe in the existence of God, nor in his own existence as spirit. He believes only in his life on earth and in furthering his human concerns — and lie seeks for these in physical affairs and human pleasures. Neither does lie believe in the process of reincarnation, nor in the necessity of gaining perfection through penance for previous evil deeds. He knows nothing of the Light of God and of wisdom, and the prospect of Eternal Life and Bliss are to him only a slogan from earthly Creeds, with which church leaders try to bind people to their church. But still — when you consider the Leaders of Great Creeds — they always talk about Life Eternal. The revelations arc alike: from Lao-Tse-Brahma-Moses- autama Buddha-Jesus-Christ. Mohammed etc. Have these Leaders — who lived centuries before and centuries after our Chronology — taught the same. according to an agreement?... No — the Leaders of all Great Creeds were incorporated by One and the Same Spirit, which reincarnated so often, to bring the same revelations to all people on earth. This is the Christspirit, originating from God — the prototype of reincarnations, who — always in a different body — returned to earth — ever and anon —to bring the same revelation: "You have to be born repeatedly, before you are worthy to enter the Kingdom of My Father." But talk about it to a person, whose indwelling spirit is no longer primitive — one, who has many a time been reincarnated in a human body — and has therewith followed the model of the Christspiritt — , talk about it to somebody in whom dwells a spirit, which searches for wisdom and wants to reach Eternal Life — talk to someone, who has burnt all his errors and his shortcomings and is a paragon of love for all humanity — he will answer you: "The revelations, which the Leaders of Great Creeds proclaimed, are Truth. They proclaimed wisdom, which can only be accepted and understood by such human spirits, as have sufficient know- ledge of men and life-experience, because therein is the book of wisdom, which opens the eyes of the doubtful." This is the Law of Evolution, which is a Law of God. Never look for wisdom to the highly lettered — their wisdom is: "work — get rich — reach a position of social standing". This is the philosophy of materialism. You will not find truth with church leaders either. Their wisdom rests upon the defence of the Laws of their Church and not always upon the Laws of the Universal Belief. Accept what the evolution of your spirit permits you to accept and that, which you cannot accept now, you will later defend with all the power of your spirit and your soul.


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