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Point 5 of Our Revelation says: Human spirits are born on earth in a human body, to undergo physical and mental suffering, in order to outbalance previous evil doings. The human being asks himself: what does the Law permit me to do and what is forbidden? and the individual feeling of a person clashes often with human laws. The feeling of personal freedom — freedom of conscience — personal convictions — freedom of thoughts, words and deeds — are restrained by human laws, which often induce people to rebel against them. But how could life on earth be without those civil laws? disorder and insubordination would prevail. You may say: "human laws are not perfect", but to that must be added: "human beings are not perfect either". Should the human beings be perfect, no law would be needed. Human concern would be directed more to duties and their fellow-men, than towards their own rights. The human individual would be a paragon of neighbourly love. No more evil and vices would prevail — everyone would consult his own conscience, before he acted. The more primitive the reincarnated human spirit is, the less perfect is the human being, for he is only a tool, some machinery, directed by his spirit. He is not very independent and acts mostly under the influence of someone else. If this influence be a good one — his actions would chiefly be good, and if this influence be evil — his actions would mostly be evil. The spirit will only after many more reincarnations in a human body be able, to distinguish between good and evil — only then will he be strong enough to resist evil influences and will completely yield to goodness and virtue. Each person would — without human laws — just act according to his own desires — his degree, as it were, of primitively or elevation. A primitive spirit does not know the difference between good and evil, it does not realize virtues, never feels grief or compassion for a suffering fellow-being — rather rejoices about it. He causes other people to suffer or grieve, and enjoys to incite them to such purposes. He knows neither good nor evil — no difference between suffering or happiness. Any spiritual feeling is an unknown factor to him. However — according to the number of reincarnations, which he endured — he becomes acquainted with bodily suffering and this impresses him to realize what it means to suffer pain and discomfort, not only to himself, but also for his neighbour. And as he gains more experience of life, he learns to realize, that not only corporal suffering exists, but yet another type of suffering, which hails not from the body. He is hitherto not able to realize this as mental or spiritual suffering, he realizes it just as "grief". Grief or affliction means: disappointment — something, which he could not accomplish — setbacks in life — etc. This causes him to become a rebel, arouses feelings of hate and revenge... How would it be now without human laws to punish him, should hate and revenge induce him to hasty actions?... The existence of civil laws is a necessity for people like these. These laws prevent primitive reincarnated human spirits from evil acts and protect mankind from barbarity. If you accept that many primitive human spirits are born on earth, you must also admit, that there are many spirits in the cosmos too, which are primitive and inexperienced, and which live in the cosmos also in a state of rebellion and obstinacy. They are more dangerous than reincarnated primitive spirits, notwithstanding their having little physical strength — because they are invisible to human eyes. These are the strongest adversaries of those human beings, who try for spiritual advancement, search for wisdom and for the ability to differentiate between good and evil. They bombard these persons with evil and vicious inspirations and render their lives very difficult. . . How would it be, if the Lord had not given Laws to the invisible spirit world — laws to restrict primitive discarnated spirits and prevent them from causing still worse unwholesome and disastrous influence! But these laws in the spirit world are applied only in connection with discarnated spirits — for reincarnated spirits on earth are only mortal laws valid. It is rather important to stress this difference in meaning. Moral laws have been introduced to restrain the human beings in their material and physical cravings for possessions and thirst for pleasures. Spirits in the cosmos have no longer material and physical inclinations. They have only spiritual evil and vices to harass them as long as they are still primitive. They become mostly rebellious, if the time for their reincarnation is retarded. They want to reincarnate, to become a human being — they yearn for the life on earth in all its forms of pleasure. As yet they do not know submission — they only know the words "freedom" and "wilfulness". Primitive persons — in their first human lives — practice evil and vice— and the "animal" is still in them. It needs many reincarnations and the gain of many life-experiences, before they will be able to realize that there are other possibilities than vice and evildoings. As they evolve, they will occasionally be aware of feelings like goodness and virtue. They will occasionally — under the influence of compassion — feel and extend spiritual love — without however realizing, that they are not only a mortal but also a spirit. And off and on they will even be incited by a feeling of idealism — off and on they will do some good deed and practice a particular virtue. But even now, it takes a long, long time — many more reincarnations will be necessary — until they realize — consciously — the difference between good and evil, and before they become aware that the yare a spirit, temporally incarnated in a human body — and that they are living on earth to acquire experience of life and understand mankind, thus to gain wisdom — that they have to learn to search for the reason of their existence and their life on earth — learn to understand why they have to suffer so much — and what is the deeper meaning of the continuous reincarnations on earth of the Spirit of Christ in a human body, among various nations and races, under different names and in different human bodies — and ultimately to know that all the Leaders of All Creeds of the "One" God are this same Spirit of Christ in His various Manifestations, Who brought to each nation — each race — according to their degree of spiritual evolution — a belief, which they could understand — and which always reveals a part of the Laws of God — to show them the path, which will liberate them from sin, evil and shortcomings and which will lead them to the Life of Eternal Bliss in the Light of God.


Point 6 of Our Revelations is: Human spirits are born on earth in a human body to become better human beings. We have often explained in Our Revelations, that the human spirit is reincarnated on earth, to become a better human being. You ask: "Is the human being then so bad, that he has always to struggle for improvement?"... Few people know themselves and they do not realize, that they still harbour evil and vice. Each pictures more good in himself than there actually is — but always finds faults in other people. The truth is, that the reincarnated human spirits live on different spheres of spiritual development and therefore on different scales of evolution. The one is better than the other — one harbours more good than another — one exercises more virtues than his neighbours — one is spiritually more elevated than most others. Even the best persons on earth find themselves at times in a state of nervous temper, excitement, indignation and lose their composure and then use hard words or radiate rays of malice. A perfectly evolved spirit, free of all evil, will never utter an unkind word to judge its neighbour — will always forgive any offence, and love even its enemies; this spirit will return no more to earth for a new reincarnation. All its evil of former lives has been balanced and burnt in the purgatory of life on earth. Such an individual will exercise love, goodness and compassion to such an abundance, that most orthodox churches will canonize him. But such a person cannot live on earth. The earthly radiation is physical and materialistic, and most people on earth are so strong under the influence of material matter, that they scoff at these few and laugh at those, who try to liberate them from their materialism; they try to make their lives difficult, annoy and put all kinds of obstacles in their way. The world with her materialism is like a force of attraction, which attracts each and everyone living on earth, tries to retain all in order to blend with her materialism and lust for pleasure. Is there then nothing good on earth? Is each one so filled with evil and shortcomings? No — there are human beings, who are really good — who are always willing to help and assist their fellow-beings — willing to ease the heavy burden of their cross. But even these have moments of stumbling, when they struggle against an avidity for possessions and pleasures — or cause another person — cognizant or unbeknown — mental suffering often happens, that a good person enlarges something evil . . . which he has heard — he does so not always from malice, but to learn whether it be actually the truth. But a word is quickly said and quickly misunderstood; its meaning is then transformed, the further it spreads. And what is said in good faith, is taken up and contorted, and makes enemies for him — and some people will be of ill will towards him ... He suffers mentally on account of a misunderstanding — and suffers a severe mental shock, feeling responsible for his words. His correction is usually not accepted and he is liable — in a state of despair — to hurl the truth in his attacker's face, which a perfectly evolved spirit would never do — is an affront or an indignity, which lime would help to heal and to calm his own peace of mind and serve as well for the good of his attackers. However — one beneficial result is there: something, which can be called either "life-experience", or — seen from another point of view: "Knowledge of men". Life-experience and knowledge of men are not remedies, which heal the spirit. A human being is under the influence of evil and vice. One person succumbs easier under the pressure of earthly temptations than another, but nobody possesses such a strong spiritual strength, as to be bold enough to boast: "I have never yielded and I never shall yield". The more a person associates with other people, the better will he know his fellow-beings, their good and their bad — their virtues and vices. This is called "knowledge of men". Life-experience is the consequence of knowledge of men. This knowledge of men gives one a clearer insight of life with its good and evil prospects: the question being, how to discover, how the fellow-being will act towards him, what will be his opinions — what results and advantages may one expect of him. A person is sensitive to the sentiments towards him — whether somebody emanates love or indifference or hate — whether he be unselfish or egoistic — generous or pitiless. , The human being acquires knowledge of men and life-experience whilst passing through the tunnel of evil and also afterwards, whilst passing through the tunnel of good. Knowledge of men and life-experience are always remedies for the spirit, whether he be near the base or high and exalted. They always encourage him to eliminate his evil attributes and replace vice by virtue — and always help him to become a better human being and consequently a better spirit. Whereto would it lead, if the human being should always stay primitive .and only exercise evil and vices without being able to find the means to acquire good and virtues?... The earth is a planet, where many reincarnated spirits are still primitive. Should they remain primitive, the earth would become a domain for internals. The earth is now a planet of transition, a crossing from bad to good and from vice to virtue. And the means to acquire good and virtues and to learn to exercise them is to learn to know evil and failings. Spirits, who are still low and primitive and practice evil, are actually sick spirits, which must strive to free themselves from their shortcomings. How are they to be liberated?... through knowledge of men and life-experience. Therefore these two principles are remedies for sick spirits, to heal them of sin and evil. They teach them to differentiate between good and evil, virtues and vices. They teach them wisdom — and wisdom is the result of practicing good and virtue. To acquire wisdom is the result of evolution, cleansing from evil and escaping from vice. It is — however — difficult for a human being to understand, why the thread of life is interwoven with suffering. This too is a necessity. Suffering means: burning of evil. Without this burning no cleansing, without cleansing there is no evolution. This is the law since the cycle of reincarnations in human bodies started and is the same in the spirit world during the periods of discarnation. In spirit land there is no more physical suffering, but certainly spiritual suffering. This suffering is of various kinds. A spirit is not indifferent to the beloved-ones, which are reincarnated on earth. It follows them in their strife for existence as human beings and even more in their struggle to become a better spirit and to rise in the cosmos. It inspires them with love. with morale, goodness and compassion. It follows them in their downfalls and their rising and tries to induce them to keep courage and perseverance, to enable them — after the death of their human body — to rise to a higher sphere in the spirit world. But particularly it keeps an eye on them for their cleansing and evolution, by raising their knowledge of men and experience of life — which brings them closer to Eternal Bliss.

Point 7 and 8 of Our Revelations explain as follows: Point 7: The human spirit is born on earth in a human body, to gain self-knowledge as a human being in its material cravings and yearnings and Point 8: to gain self-knowledge as a spiritual being in its spiritual considerations and longings. It is necessary — for the fulfilment of the revelations — to accept, that the human being is duality, nl. a body of flesh and blood, which is occupied by an invisible spirit, which gives the body the potency of existence — the life-force. One has also to accept, that this body is born of earthly material, which — after the death of this body — has to return to the earth, and, that the spirit hails from the invisible cosmos and harbours an Atom of God and — after the death of the human body — has to return to the cosmos and ultimately — after perfect evolution — to God, without, however— losing its own individuality. It is not possible for the spirit to accept this truth during its very early lives on earth in a human body. Even after discarnation from these first lives on earth, the spirit is not capable to understand this. There is a kind of misty veil around this fact, which prevents the Light of Truth from being noticed. Some human spirits are even after many reincarnations still fairly doubtful about this truth and it is often only after many more reincarnations, that the Light of Wisdom disperses the misty veil. This makes it understandable, that — as already revealed — even in the spirit world are many spirits, which live in darkness and long for a beam of Light. It often happens in spiritualistic séances, that desperate, forlorn spirits manifest, which are of good intentions, but complain, that all is dark around them and ask for enlightenment. How trustful and happy do they become, when you speak to them and show them the truth: about their continuation — about their forthcoming reincarnations in a human body — about the knowledge of men and life-experience, which they will gain during these reincarnations — about good and evil, virtues and vices, which they will encounter — about their forthcoming cleansing from evil and vices — their spiritual rising — their return to the cosmos to a sphere, which is light and lucid — and which they will reach, after having gained wisdom as human beings on earth -- about goodness and virtues, which they have to practice — and after these elucidations they depart with the intention to live good and exemplary lives on earth as human beings, which enables them - after the death of their human body — to live as spirit in the Light of God. In whatever stipulated sphere his life will he in the spirit world, it must he on the same level as that, which they have reached as human beings on earth... Truly, how many human beings live here on earth, who arc spiritually blind to the Creation, to all the amazing wonders and mysteries which happen every day — to the lessons, the elucidations, which the daily life brings along — to the knowledge of man and life-experience? . . . They are blind to the Almighty Omnipotence, the Greatness, Magnificence and Splendor of God - blind to the process of reincarnation — their own spiritual purincation, perfection and evolution. Nevertheless — a person achieves during his life as human being on earth — to know himself in this capacity, because lie sees his likeness, his reflection, in the lives of other people. He learns to observe in himself egoism — spite — jealousy and other faults. He notices, that some people are full of hate and take revenge for small errors or slips. He also meets those who respect oilier people's perceptions and opinions, who are never envious of the possessions of others, never jealous of the possessions of neighbours, but even feel pleased in the wellbeing and good fortune of others. He compares his own intelligence of life with those of others, and lie tries to check on his own good and evil qualities — his own virtues and vices. The perception of his human — and his spiritual cravings and temptations are as yet not quite distinct, but he is able to distinguish the good from the evil and the virtues from vices. This is a long process and it needs many reincarnations in a human body. Incarnation follows incarnation and life in the spirit world follows suit. He finds himself in some reincarnations strongly influenced by evil and vices — and these lives are useless for his perfection. Yet — during other reincarnations — he practices love and loving kindness for his fellow beings — finds a way to comfort depressed and sick persons and thus ascend spiritually and reach a higher sphere of perfection and evolution. He has found — through good and evil. through virtues and vices — self-knowledge as a human being, and knowledge of men and life-experience are the factors, by which he found wisdom — which at last help him to realize his being a spirit. It took a long time for him to differentiate between these conditions of being a mortal individual and a spirit, but slowly he realizes the dividing line between his spiritual and his human capacities. He notes the human part with his earthly temptations and cravings and he realizes also his spiritual temptations and considerations... And he now also realizes, that from these two kinds of contest — that of the human being and that of the spirit — difficulties arise and that only one of these can be the conqueror. It is actually the spirit, which determines the issue: either to bend the knees to physical matter and the short-lived temporal human life — or: to bend the knees in humility to God and strive to reach Eternal Life and Eternal Bliss. The spirit determines and the result depends upon the rung on the scale of evolution, upon its perfection and ascent in the spirit world. The more perfected the spirit is, the more will it desist from evil and vice — the less interested it will be in earthly, material matter, in physical life, in possessions, riches and luxuries... As — after satisfactory reincarnations on earth, after searching for the Light of Wisdom — the spirit returns to the cosmos. the spirit world — there will be no more darkness, everything is serene and clear. There are no more lamentations and mourning and searching for elucidation — because its knowledge of men, its life-experience, its wisdom has brought the spirit to an unknown sphere in the spirit world, where it now meets spirits, which hitherto — when still on its low planet — visited and gave inspirations, which he however — as human being with little experience — was then yet unable to understand... And now — looking from this spiritual sphere down to the earth and considering the human beings there — the spirit recognizes in the reincarnated spirits the reflection of its own human lives, which have now faded away. It now understands far better than before. And if now it notices, "those", who still live in uttermost darkness, it sees itself in its former state of extreme primitively during the earliest incarnations on earth. And seeing "those", who ignorantly mingle good and evil, he sees himself in his old despair, striving to find a ray of light in the surrounding darkness. And also "those", who are collecting life-experience and knowledge of men, he is reminded of his first conception of wisdom, which he evidenced. And notice also "those", who have learned to differentiate between "spirit" and "human being" — he sees the "Light of Revelation", which manifested in his last human life. All this together is the way of life, which his spirit — in many reincarnations in human bodies and in many a life in the spirit world — has pursued, and which resulted in knowing himself: 1) in his capacity as human being in his human temptations and cravings — 2) in his capacity as spirit in its spiritual contemplations and longings. This road was long and difficult, but it was worth it, the reward being, that he reached Eternal Bliss and entered the Eternal Light of God.


Point 9 of Our Revelations explains: The human spirit is born on earth in a human body. to become acquainted with materialism. luxury, profusion, extravagant possessions and enjoyment and the disadvantageous consequences thereof. What is Materialism?... It is asserted, that all people are materialists and that everyone practices materialism, because all need material substance. People, who contemplate thus. do not understand the true meaning of this word. He. who uses material matter for the wellbeing of humanity and for means of subsistence, works with this material matter, but is nevertheless not a materialist... A materialist is a human being, who lives exclusively for his own satisfaction — his own satiation — his egoism and covetousness — who does not scruple to harm his fellow-man — to slander — to calumniate and besmirch — or even to rob them — to appropriate things, which do not belong to him and is someone who lives only for material possessions and begrudges his neighbour everything, which he desires for himself. This is a materialist. What is luxury?... Luxury is to live in profusion of things, which many people lack. Luxury is actually neither a sin nor an evil, nor a vice, as long as he, who lives in luxury, has not acquired it by defrauding or harming other people. But luxury is unfortunately the foster mother of many vices. Somebody, who lives in profusion and luxury, might well be a good and humane person, but can be and very often is haughty and looks humiliatingly and with disregard on other people. Haughtiness is a great evil, which in the end leads people into much trouble and many difficulties. His possessions may become his doom — because he might at any time lose them. Where then does he end with his haughtiness and bus pretensions?... if it happens, that he has to renounce his haughtiness, because he has lost all his possessions, he will instead acquire a deep feeling of degradation, pent-up wrath, hate towards society, where he does not circulate any longer. He feels an outcast, a pariah in his own home. Luxury tends to become a passion, a greed for more possessions, and leads him to exploit and fleece his subordinates and other low standing persons. These then feel hurt and cheated and therefore no love for the employer, but sooner or later a feeling of hate develops. Strikes result and lastly loss instead of gain for both, worker and employer. Luxury is often the beginning of a person's downfall. What are extravagant pleasures?... Is it a sin or an evil, to relax after strenuous work? It is necessary to relax occasionally and it is also necessary — on account of the difficulties of life — to enjoy something agreeable and relaxing. There are — however — people, who do not care in the least for the human duties, which life imposes on them, but they run from one wild party to the next and live extravagantly and intemperately — neglect the duties towards their family, suffer severe illness and are actually a burden to their family. What are the effects of extravagance and luxury?... Deformation of the character — practicing of vices and evil — disaster and calamity in the family, disease and neglect of spiritual concerns. What are spiritual concerns?... Each human spirit, which is born on earth in a human body. faces a purpose, nl. to learn to know itself as human being and as spirit — but also to become acquainted with materialism, luxury and profusion — to improve through life-experience and knowledge of men — to evolve spiritually and thus rise to Higher Spheres in the spirit world. A human being does nothing for his spiritual evolution, as long as he lives only for material concerns, possessions, luxury and riches, as long as he enjoys extravagance and excision and abnormal dissipations during his life. His evils from former lives are thus not atoned for, have not been expiated, he has not become a better spirit and is not able to rise to a higher spiritual sphere. There are people, who are so deeply ensnared in their greed for possessions and money, that they use unfair, offensive means, which cause their fellow-men spiritual and even bodily harm and suffering — through poisons, such as smoke and alcoholic drinks, which — however — will often — sooner or later — strike back on them — because this type of practice can reflect on them and not reach their neighbours, whom they wished to hurt. The concerns of the reincarnated human spirits are: to outbalance evil and to replace them by good and virtues; to gain knowledge of men and experience of life and therewith gain wisdom and thus become a better human — a spiritual being. And the aim of it all is: to rise closer to the Light of God and gain Eternal Bliss. Many human spirits — reincarnated on earth in a human body — are not yet able to fathom this truth, because their evolution and their wisdom have not sufficiently unfolded, to enable them to understand the deeper meaning of it all. The earth is a planet of transition from the low world of evil, vices and bestial instigations to the higher worlds of good, virtues and good exertions, i.e.: love of one's fellow beings, moral and material helpfulness, forgiveness for offences and of offenders. It is the planet of possibilities, to abjure one's evil and shortcomings and burn them in the fire of spiritual grief. The earth is — in this sense — the purgatory, where the human spirit burns its sins... But God did not permit human beings, who suffer, to know why they suffer. Each one has the right, either to rebel against these miseries or to suffer in submission. And his attitude towards his karma determines the rung of his evolutional scale. When the early Christian had to enter the arena in Old Rome, there were also rebels amongst them, who protested and who screamed in despair — and there were others, more idealistic and full of faith, who submitted to their fate, who faced the public and the wild beasts, singing hymns — and died as conquerors. Here too were faithful people, on different degrees of perfection and evolution. And similarly are here on earth reincarnated human spirits — some standing with both feet in physical matter and some with one foot already in the spirit world — according to their standard of life. Those, who are still inclining totally to physical temptations and are craving only for material possessions, riches and luxuries — notwithstanding the means, by which these are acquired and notwithstanding the "mental suffering", which they cause other reincarnated spirits — are still low on the base and bear in their innermost being only little love for their fellow-men, and if they have a Creed of Faith, it is still only superficial and only inclines to personal profits, which excludes all advantages for their neighbors. They do not yet believe in Eternal Life, but only in their mortal life, in which their existence as spirit is neglected. They cause — with their egoism — much suffering for their fellow-beings and they do not hesitate to destroy other people's happiness, their conjugal bliss and their peace... But those, who have reached a higher degree of evolution and spiritual development, practice love for their fellow-men, are comforters in need — forgive enmity and revenge — and bring material and spiritual help, where egoism and greed prevailed. They raise their thoughts to God, when they encounter difficulties and pray for a neighbour, who may lack everything, which is necessary in life. They are no longer able to understand life on earth without the intercession of God, the Christspirit and the Holy Spirit.


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