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ARTICLE 8 of your Creed of Faith is as follows: "I believe in the Invisible, Universal, Spiritual Church of God, and in the Brotherhood of mankind". This Article 8 of your Creed of Faith gives one the impression, that we deal with two subjects, nl: the belief in the existence of a church — and the belief in the brotherhood of all mankind. But the one is the result of the other and the two parts comprise one whole. We have to consider — in order to make this quite clear — what we do understand by "invisible, universal, spiritual church of God", and what we understand by, "brotherhood of mankind". The human being is usually only conscious of his physical organs and regards everything in its physical form. It is therefore difficult for him, to imagine an invisible church, which is universal and spiritual. We can remind the thinkers and the seekers of wisdom of the Leaders of High Creeds, and all will agree with us, that none of them has ever set up a visible, material church. They have — each of them — proclaimed a philosophy, which elucidated the life of human beings and of the invisible human spirit. All of them have enlarged upon morale, morality and other laws of life and emphasized the existence of the One God. They inspired their followers to accept this One God and to venerate Him as the All-Highest Lord and Master. They also influenced them to adjust their lives according to the Laws of God, to practice love towards their fellow-beings and to give help and comfort to those, who are in need — to feel compassion for evil-doers — and to try to acquire goodness and virtues for themselves, in order that wisdom may be awakened in them. This is the invisible, universal, spiritual Church of God. The invisible Church of God is never built with earthly material — neither is building material of any kind used, not cement, sand and such-like. This invisible Church has nothing to do with human piety, but well with the spirit, which is reincarnated in each human being. The church is established: a spiritual fortress — never seen by human eyes . . . She is founded on earth by Leaders, Prophets and Messengers of God — and exists not only on earth, but also on all planets, where spirits are living. That makes this church universal and exalted above all earthly churches. This church is established out of gratitude for the Higher Leader, the Prophet and the Redeemer of evil. The followers of these Leaders, even by descendants, some three-hundred years later, spontaneously built gathering places on different areas, so as to commemorate and honor their Leader there. The Leaders themselves never built a church of brick or stone, but an invisible, spiritual church, where the Laws of God, which are also spiritual, are preserved. This Church of God is Life itself, wherein people search for wisdom by studying God's Laws. People get engrossed in the study of their ecclesiastical books, but this is not the road which leads to the True Belief and the True Church of God. The True Church of God is the one, which reveals the true philosophy of life. It defines, how a human being has to live to gain the Grace of God. This Grace is not a favor, which the human spirit obtains, but one which he acquires through the mode of his life. It is a reward for the goodness, which emanates from him — for his compassion with those, who still live in darkness — for helping the needy — for the helping hand, which he stretches out to those, who need to be lifted out of evil and vices. A life of love and goodness is spiritual and is at the same time the foundation of the invisible, universal, spiritual church of God. This church is universal, because she is not only at the disposal of spirits, which are born on earth — but She aims her goal, her philosophy and her Creed of Faith to all of God's spirits, whether they be born on earth or on any other planet of the cosmos — whether they be reincarnated or discarnated. She is spiritual, because her philosophy and her entire teachings support spiritual concerns, which cannot be argued about with human intellect, but well with the feeling and the conviction of the human spirits, which live either on earth or in the cosmos. She unites in a joint community: spirits, which are living in a physical body on earth or on other planets, and spirits which have left their physical body and are living in one or other spiritual plane in the Great-Cosmos. This revelation may give cause to the question: "is the human being then excluded from this Creed of Faith"? Our answer to this question is: Whatever the spirit accepts as truth, is also accepted as truth by the human being, in whom it is reincarnated. The spirit influences the human brain according to its convictions. The human organs are influenced by the indwelling spirit — are directed and ruled and are the tools of the spirit, to communicate its wisdom to its fellow-beings. Therefore: the True Church of God is at the same time invisible, universal and spiritual. The second part of Article 8 of your Creed of Faith says also: "I believe in the brotherhood of mankind". Thus the question arises: "Why is there so much misunderstanding, so much mistrust, hate and envy?" People on earth are not perfect and neither the indwelling spirits. Spirits — reincarnated or discarnated — live on different planes of evolution and perfection, therefore misunderstanding, incompatibility and intolerance are common among human beings on earth and on some other planets. But amongst these reincarnated spirits is also the elite, which have passed many reincarnations as human beings, have gained knowledge and wisdom, outbalanced previous shortcomings through mental suffering, and for which the Gates of Eternal Bliss are opened — spirits, which — during their lives as human beings — have searched for wisdom and truth and have ultimately reached their goal, and have now — in their last reincarnation — reached perfection and evolution. Amongst these spirits brotherhood prevails, as we understand it and as I have explained it to you. This state is the result of the belief in the invisible, universal, spiritual Church of God. Spirits of the same belief, with the same accordance in their thoughts and actions, are mutually united like brothers, because they are bearers of the same truth and wisdom, from which brotherhood hails. Herewith you have got an elucidation about Article 8 of your Creed of Faith and you are now much more able to adjust your life with deep conviction to this Article 8: "I believe in the invisible, universal, spiritual Church of God and in the Brotherhood of Mankind".

ARTICLE 9 of your Creed of Faith is as follows: "I believe in the Last Judgment, where the bad are separated from the good, and all spirits reincarnated as well as discarnated, shall be judged". Several versions have to be accepted in this Creed, nl: The Last Judgment, the separation of the good ones from the evil ones, the existence of spirits, which live discarnated in the spirit world and of spirits, which are incarnated in a physical human body. It is said: "I believe in the Last Judgment" and not: "I believe in the Day of the Last Judgment". Organized churches have different views about the meaning of some words, which are mentioned in the Scriptures, such as in the case of the Last Judgment. Some churches and sects proclaim, that this Day of the Last Judgment will occur on the last day before Doomsday — that on this day the good spirits will rise to Heaven and the evil ones will be thrown into the Depths of Hell. Other churches accept, that — after the death of the physical body — the liberated spirit rises to heaven to enter the House of the Father, that even the greatest sinner and all evildoers arrive there together, that all sins are forgiven and that all spirits will live there together, peacefully and loving one another in all Eternal Life and Bliss. Again other churches altered their doctrines to a certain degree. Some of them — which previously taught, that the human body should rise from the grave on this Day of the Last Judgment and receive his Ordeal — teach their parishioners now, that the human spirit will — after the death of its physical body — rise to heaven to be accepted in the House of the Father. But they forget to mention, that Jesus spoke about there being "many mansions in the House of My Father". This actually means; in the cosmos are various planes: the lowest one is close to the earth and far removed from the Light of God, whereas the highest plane is closest to God, Spirits which — as human beings — have lived a good life, filled with love, goodness and compassion, will after the physical death, be admitted to the Light of God — whereas those, which have passed an unsatisfactory life with many sins and shortcomings, have to remain on a low plane in the cosmos, far away from God. "I believe in the Last Judgment" is not the assumption, that all spirits, reincarnated on earth, shall rise together at the same time from their graves for their Last Judgment, and that afterwards the earth — all spirits, discarnated and reincarnated, being in the cosmos — shall he slung to destruction. The meaning of this sentence is that — just as the Creation is continued and repealed clay after day — the judgment is passed, each moment of the day, on incorrigible evil and low spirits. Each moment of the day arc these depraved spirits slung out into the infinite depth of oblivion — and every moment of the day are there evolved spirits, which enter Eternal Life and Bliss. This is the Law of Creation, decreed by God. There were previously more explanations given, but in ancient times people

were ignorant even of being a spirit, reincarnated in a human body. And to-day there are still reincarnated spirits, who stand on a low plane of evolution and are not advanced enough to grasp the truth and therefore fend against it. Even among parsons and other ecclesiastics arc spirits of low evolution, unable to understand the Laws of God or respect them. They are spiritual leaders of reincarnated spirits, which are on the same level of purification as they themselves arc, and both have to suffer many more reincarnations, acquire much more knowledge and experience of life and as men, before being able to realize, revere and propagate these Laws of God. But they exist on earth and their work among people is necessary — and they work — on their own level — for the elevation of human spirits of yet lower evolution. "1 believe in the Last Judgment" is no dogma, it is not a belief in the Ordeal of God for vices and shortcomings on earth. It is the conviction, that always spirits are born in human bodies, which pass their first incarnation on earth, and that there are many spirits, which have not even started to purify, but persist on remaining in darkness. They accept their right of self-determination. to choose a path, either the one that leads upwards — or the one, that leads towards (lie abyss. Those, who trespass from the right path, have always the opportunity to mend their direction and to cross over to the path of Light — and which — after many tests, purified and perfected — will ultimately reach Eternal Light. But it is also the conviction, that those which persist to remain in malignity and viciousness, which refuse to change for the better, but always get more and more ensnared into vice and evil, will ultimately be exterminated. This is the "Last Judgment". which transpires every day, but is never seen by human eyes. "I believe in the Last Judgment, when the bad are separated from the good". If it is accepted, that every moment of the day Judgment is passed on spirits, which have passed over into the cosmos, it is also evident, that at any moment of any day a separation may come forth between the sheep and the goats. Once the spirit has left the physical body, this discarnated spirit is brought to such planes, where it will feel at home and to which its degree of evolution is adapted. Then the spirit knows, how far it has advanced. It feels at home with its fellow-spirits on this plane; spirits from lower planes with less purification and perfection cannot join spirits on higher planes, because too much physical influence is still attached to them, which prevents them to rise to any higher sphere. This is already the basis for the separation between good and evil spirits — and on the planes where the good spirits are now living, reign love, goodness, compassion and wisdom, always according to the particular sphere. The further this plane is removed from the earth or other planets, the closer it approaches the plane of Light and Wisdom, the more purified and perfected are the spirits, which live there and the more wisdom do they have. The closer to the Light of God, the more true love, unselfish goodness and generous compassion prevails. The closer to the earth and other low planets, the more prevalent are vices and depravity, which are quite unknown on the higher spheres. The separation of good spirits from the low ones is an action, which takes place after death to every spirit which passes into the spirit world. Human eyes do not perceive these actions — they are spiritual actions, which only spirit-eyes are able to observe, and only by spirits, which are in the spirit world and are authorized to take part in these graduations. The evil ones are separated from the good ones — not only on Doomsday, but daily. This too — people of ancient times were unable to understand, as they did not even know themselves to be spirits and that life continues after death. "I believe in the Last Judgment, when the bad are separated from the good and when all spirits, reincarnated as well as discarnated, shall receive Judgment". This Ordeal of God extends to all — for those, still living on earth as well as those who passed over into the spirit world — because those, who are living on earth, shall be swept away, shall rise to Heaven, if they are worthy, or else thrown into the depth of Hell, if they are incorrigible and did nothing to gain the Grace of God. This Article 9 of your Creed of Faith is the witness of the Law of Creation, which is eternal, unchangeable and just. This Law is without exception and with no alternatives, because each one has his free will and his right of self-determination. Each one builds his own future, according to the manner of his life as human being. Spirits have neither rank nor social standing — only the place is evidence of what each one has attained through purification and perfection in its spiritual development, which is earned by love, goodness, compassion and wisdom.

ARTICLE 10 of your Creed of Faith is as follows: "I believe in the Eternal Kingdom of God and in God's Love for all good spirits. Each has the Right of Self- determination, and those who are worthy, shall enter the Gates of Life Eternal". This article gives rise to divers questions and their elucidation: 1) What is "The Eternal Kingdom of God?" 2) What does "good spirits" mean? 3) What is "Right of Self-determination?" 4) What is the meaning of "worthy?" 5) What is the meaning of "Eternal Life?" The Eternal Kingdom of God includes: the Eternity of the Creator and the Eternity of His Kingdom. The Kingdom of God is not the physical material kingdom of the human world. It is a nonmaterial world, not permitted to be observed by human eyes, because to them it is invisible. However — the spirit, which is living in the human body, can — whilst the human body is asleep — leave its tenement and rise to the spirit world. This is the domain of the spirits only, not of human beings. The visiting spirit will meet there in the spiritworld discarnated spirits from its own and from lower planes. It will see them and also the world of their spiritual establishment. But the spirit is responsible for the human body, in which it is born and cannot leave it too long. Its temporal home is the earth and it must return to its body — if only for a comparatively short period. Now it sees everything again through human eyes in its physical form. What it now sees, is temporal, the human being as well as the material in which it lives. The realm, in which it sojourned during its projection, is eternal. It is the Kingdom of God and — as spirit — it belongs to this Kingdom. This Kingdom is infinite and eternal, because it is the Kingdom of the Eternal God. The Kingdom of God is eternal and imperishable, because it is independent of physical matter, contrary to the earth, which is just as temporal and transitory as the human being. What is meant by: "The Love of God for all good spirits?" As we are told, that God loves all human beings... are bad or unworthy human spirits then doomed and not acknowledged? God never hates nor takes amiss any lack of reverence, which some people exhibit. The human being himself creates his own future. He receives self-determination and chooses his fate: either Eternal Life as spirit in the Kingdom of God or doom and decay and annihilation. God does not hate those who do not appreciate Him, He only feels compassion for them. Those, who descend into the abyss, lose their Atom of God, because God demands it back from them. It is His Possession. Those, who work for their rising to Heaven, develop their Atom of God through love, goodness and compassion. Their contacts with God become in tenser and they get closer and closer to Him, according to their development of this Atom of God. Those. who are deprived of this Atom of God, depart and alienate further and further from Him and fall entirely into oblivion. The Love of God extends to all His Children, whether living in the cosmos or reincarnated in a physical body. But each one is at liberty to choose his future: either to return to God, from Whom he has received his Atom of Life — or disregard God, renounce goodness and virtue, until evil and vices encircle him. Parents are fond of a child who loves them and they grant him privileges. They pity children, who abandon the good path and who neglect and disown their parents. It might even happen, that parents deprive such unkind children of all their rights and advantages in favor of their brothers and sisters, who love and obey their parents. The Love of God for His creatures is just the same — the good ones are rewarded, but the evil ones are refused all privileges, which the good children enjoy. God grants the right of self-determination to all His children, but each one has to bear the consequences of his thoughts, his words and his actions. God never forces His Will upon anyone, but each has the choice, to either respect His Laws or to renounce them. God has — however — much patience. He allows for many reincarnations during many centuries, at the disposition of the spirit, which has — in each successive human lifespan — the opportunity to acquaint itself with good and with evil, with virtues and vices. Centuries are at their disposal, to acquire wisdom and to realize the Love of God. They are — during centuries — able to work for their purification and perfection. The patience of the Lord is boundless — but if the human spirit be unwilling to return to its Creator, the Father withdraws His Atom and there-with all protection. The human spirit is then delivered to the discretion, the onslaught and the shameless influence of the spiritual underworld, without any further help or succor from God's good spirits. They have ignored their opportunity to reach Bliss and Eternal Life. "Each — however — who is worthy — will enter the Eternal Kingdom of God". Who then is "worthy" of Eternal Life? It is he, who works for the purification and perfection of his Atom of God — who respects the Laws of Creation — who conquers shortcomings and evil — who cultivates goodness and virtues — finds his own happiness and satisfaction in the good fortune of his neighbor — who loves his neighbor, does not harbor any feelings of hate or vengeance — who cultivates idealism and fights against materialism — who is a mystic and tries to help spirits, which have chosen the wrong path, to return to the right path. He is worthy to enter the Kingdom of Eternal Bliss. There are many reincarnated spirits, which do not understand the meaning of the expression "Eternal Life". They look — as explained before — at everything with their human eyes. They see people die and being buried. They maintain, they are dead — how then is it possible for them to live eternally?... Organized churches teach, that they will — on the Day of Judgment — rise alive from their graves to receive their Ordeal — but on the other hand do they learn from some philosophers and from mediums, that this Judgment of certain spirits is passed every day — that spirits, which have lived on earth in a human body, manifest after death and are visible to clairvoyant mediums, or that they give by means of telepathic mediums messages about their life in the cosmos and about the path, which has to be followed during life on earth as human beings, to become — as spirit — worthy of Eternal Life. f Eternal Life — they tell you — is granted to those, who have lived on earth as human beings, filled with love, goodness and compassion, who have through mental suffering balanced all their shortcomings and vices, and have lived — with their hearts brimming over with love, goodness and compassion for their fellow-beings. Eternal Life is a state of blessedness of the soul, which is gained by sacrifice for the family and for fellow beings. It is a mental state, in which the spirit does not care to hate anymore, nor feel vindictive, but extends forgiveness to its neighbors for their offences, realizing that they are still primitive. Such a spirit tries to help those, who are on a low rung of the ladder, to find the right path, the path of love, forgiveness and compassion. It extends its helping hand, to help them to rise from their darkness to the Light — it shows them such wisdom as enables them to accept and understand — and is a leader for those, who are of good intentions. He follows — with all these actions — the path, which the Spirit of Christ advised and which He Himself trod, in all His many Reincarnations — in various countries, among different races and diverse nationalities. To every one, who receives Him — as Prophet, Redeemer or as the Son of God. He grants wisdom so as to experience life and gain knowledge of the human soul—which enables them to understand the train of ideas in every High Creed—to respect and revere all Beliefs in the One God, because all of them are adjusted to the evolution of their followers. He develops their feeling for aesthetics—introduces them to spiritual ideas—teaches them to differentiate between physical and psychical phenomena—brings them mysticism. which is exalted and sublime above all High Creeds and which liberates them from physical and earthly bondage and leads them to Eternal Life and Bliss in the Light of God.





REVELATIONS mediumistically communicated by the agency the
Spirit of Truth


the Spirit Kuthumi.


"Why are human spirits born on earth in a human body" The human spirit is born on earth in a human body: Point:
1. to learn to differentiate between good and evil and between virtue and vice.

2. to reject evil and vices, to practise good and virtues, and to fight evil and vices.

3. to suffer the experiences of life and therewith to gain wisdom.

4. to collect knowledge of human beings, so as to enable the spirit to understand the different degrees of evolution.

5. to undergo physical and mental suffering, in order to outbalance previous evil doings.

6. to become better human beings.

7. to gain self-knowledge as a human being in his material cravings and yearnings.

8. to gain self-knowledge as a spiritual being in its spiritual considerations and longings.

9. to become acquainted with materialism, luxury, profusion, extravagant possessions and enjoyment—and the disadvantageous consequences thereof.

10. to develop the emotions for aesthetic values and to cultivate idealism and mysticism.

11. to search for truth and wisdom.

12. to rectify errors and shortcomings, done in previous lives and to atone for former evil doings.

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