Merchant of venice

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LEARNING GOAL: I will demonstrate an understanding of “The Merchant of Venice” and the form and style of essays by completing a literary essay that analyzes the play.

You will write a literary essay that uses Shakespeare’s “Merchant of Venice” to support a wider argument, theme, or central idea. Your essay will follow MLA guidelines, including using a formal tone, quotes from the text to support your argument, and your own explanations and reasons to defend the points you are making.


  1. Racial and religious prejudices have been problems for centuries. Argue how “The Merchant of Venice” targets these issues. Does the play present a positive conclusion or not?

  1. “The Merchant of Venice” focuses on the theme of love – in terms of friendship and romantically. Highlight and explain how true love is identified in the play.

  1. Compare and contrast the characters of Shylock and Antonio as they are developed through the play’s plot and conflict. Who is the more superior character?

  1. Agree or disagree: Shylock is the one character in the play who upholds his morals.

  1. Despite being written over 400 years ago, “The Merchant of Venice” is still very relevant to modern audiences. Agree or disagree.

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