Mentoring Entrepreneurial Networks: mapping conceptions of participants in technological-based business incubators in Brazil

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Theoretical foundation

The learning capacity of incubated entrepreneurs and their ability to share the knowledge generated in this learning process derive from a series of factors, including a special easiness that they have for the transformation of scientific knowledge into tacit knowledge (Nonaka & Takeuchi, 1997; Spender, 1996). Moreover, they have the capacity to structure and coordinate different forms of cooperation that provide access to expertise (Conner & Prahalad, 1996). Nevertheless, unregarding the substantial insights on the attributes of the entrepreneurs participants in technological-based incubators to get support and share knowledge, there is a lack of theoretical development for the comprehension of these capacities that are not approached in the traditional theories on entrepreneurship. Before beginning with the cognitive criteria that support the analysis of informal social networks, the entrepreneurial career itself is described. This permits a better comprehension of the shared meanings of entrepreneurs participating in a technological incubator.

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