Mentoring Entrepreneurial Networks: mapping conceptions of participants in technological-based business incubators in Brazil

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Figure 2. Map of the basic categories with regard to a successful career

This map records the basic categories and is further divided into two parts – Figures 3 and 4 – that provide the evocations given by entrepreneurs on a successful career. The statements emphasized by boldface are the evocations of greater statistical strength, or the central nucleus, already presented in Chart 1.

The left side of Figure 3 demonstrates the evocations that regard “success in the business” and “dilemmas”. These two concepts compose categories shared by the entrepreneurs interviewed with regards to a successful career.

Figure 3. Evocations concerning the successful career categories: Enterprise success and Dilemmas

The right side of Figure 4 shows the evocations that treat the category “successful person”. This concept composed the last basic category shared by the entrepreneurs with regards to a successful career. It is worth emphasizing the category “Motivation” without evocations.

Figure 4. Evocations concerning the Personal Success

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