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Illinois State University

Maternal Infant Nursing -316

Fetal Assessment Worksheet

The purpose of this worksheet is to guide your understanding of the normal fetal heart rate patterns, variations in heart rate patterns during labor, components of the biophysical profile, tests of fetal maturity, and antenatal testing interpretation.

Complete the worksheet and bring it to class on the assigned day. We will review and discuss the content in the worksheet in class. You will be responsible for this material and will be tested on it.
Chapter 21 on Assessment of Fetal Well-being and section on Evaluating Labor Progress & Electronic Fetal Monitoring in Chapter 23 in Olds(9th ed.) to complete most of the questions in this worksheet.
The next two pages of this worksheet and the last several slides on the Fetal Assessment Powerpoint have current information on fetal monitoring interpretation that would be extremely helpful to you when you are assigned to be in Labor for a clinical day. It would behoove you to bring it with you to clinical on those days. 

I. Fetal Heart Rate (FHR)

A. Baseline FHR consists of:

1. The mean of the FHR observed between contractions during a continuous 10- minute period of monitoring rounded to the nearest 5bpm. It does not include the rate during

accelerations or decelerations.

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