Men get depressed too

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Men get depressed too
Depression may be more common in men than you think. In fact, six million men in America suffer from depression. It’s hard to see depression in men because they experience and show depression differently than women do.

Women who are depressed often feel sad, guilty or worthless, while men are more likely to lose sleep, be irritable and lose interest in hobbies or friends.

Because the symptoms are harder to recognize, men are less likely to realize they have depression. And even if they do, they may hide it from their families and friends. This can happen in different ways. They may turn to alcohol or another substance to numb their feelings. Or they may throw themselves into work to get their mind off their depression. Some men may engage in risky behavior, such as driving recklessly, simply because they don’t care what happens to them.

Because men are more likely to hide their depression, it’s harder for them to get help. In fact, men are four times more likely to die by suicide than women in America.

If you know a loved one or friend who may be depressed, it’s important to get him help. Try to explain that depression is common, even with men, and there’s no reason to be ashamed. Encourage him to see a doctor or talk to a counselor. Be supportive, not demanding. While he may need help, he has to deal with his depression on his own terms.

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If you think you might have depression, help is just a phone call away. Call the Personalized Assistance Line (PAL), a confidential phone line staffed with professionals who can answer your questions and guide you through HealthPartners behavioral, mental and chemical health benefits and services. Call 952-883-5811 or 1-888-638-8787, Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST.

These suggestions are general guidelines from HealthPartners. However, you should discuss with your provider what makes the most sense for you.

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