Men & Women Communicating in the Workplace Effective Strategies to Smooth out Gender Differences by Edward Leigh, ma

Male-Female Communication Characteristics

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Male-Female Communication Characteristics

Here are some general variations in the way men and women communicate.

  • Men focus on power / rank / status. Women focus on relationships.

  • Men talk to give information or report. Women talk to collect information or gain rapport.

  • Men talk about things (business, sports, food). Women talk about people / relationships.

  • Men focus on facts, reason and logic. Women focus on feelings, senses and meaning.

  • Men thrive on competing and achieving. Women thrive on harmony and relating.

  • Men "know" by analyzing and figuring out. Women "know" by intuiting.

  • Men are more assertive. Women are more cooperative.

  • Men tend to be focused, specific, logical. Women are holistic and organic.

  • Men are at ease with order, rules and structure. Women with fluidity.

  • Men immediately want to get working on a project. Women tend to ask lots of questions before beginning a project.

  • Men want to think. Women want to feel.

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