Meiji Restoration – Scavenger Hunt key

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Meiji Restoration – Scavenger Hunt KEY

Answer the following questions using the webpage

  1. What was the year and the location that this story is taking place in?

(Tokyo, 1906)

  1. What is the family name?


  1. What class does the narrator belong to and what was his role?

(Samurai, warrior class)

  1. What was his opinion of the Shogun rule?

(time of great peace and prosperity, strict class divisions that maintained political and social order)

  1. Who arrived as a signal to the end of isolation?

(Commodore Perry)

  1. When did the Meiji restoration start and list 3 changes that occurred?

(1868, imperial rule established; feudal system abolished; advocated modernization; foreigners invited in; development of architecture, industry, technology, education, and western fashion)

  1. List one example of change for each of the categories:

    1. Political

(parliament, Diet)

    1. Modernizations

(postal system, banking, courts, currency exchange, stock exchange)

    1. Technology/Industry

(railway, gaslights, shipbuilding, textiles)

  1. How were the Japanese able to adapt so quickly?

(high literacy rate, enforced education, popular/powerful leader)

  1. Explore one of the Meiji Restoration areas and write down two interesting facts to share with the class.

(Western parlour, Sumo, Ginza or Japanese Parlour)

(answers will vary)

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