Megastructures: Hagia Sophia Name

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Megastructures: Hagia Sophia Name:
1. Discuss how the architects of the Hagia Sophia were able to achieve the feat of placing a massive dome on the structure.

2. Describe the materials used on the inside of the Hagia Sophia as well as the materials that were used on the outside of the structure.

3.What is the central problem with arches and domes when building a structure the size of the Hagia Sophia?

4. Describe the problems that the Hagia Sophia faced throughout its existence. Why did the builders take shortcuts?

5. Describe the interior effects of the Hagia Sophia. Initially, why is the structure bare of images?
6. What happens on May 7th, 558? Describe how the new structure compares to the one that stood before.
7. Describe how the building was made to be earthquake proof.

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