Megan Stratus Mrs. Whitney Composition II, 2

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Megan Stratus

Mrs. Whitney

Composition II, 2

10 October 2013
Immigration Policy

I. Admitting the talent we need in our country can help reduce over population, reduce the poverty stricken economy, as well as, remove our nation from being the police of the world.

  1. Over population

  2. Poverty Stricken Economy

  3. Police of the World

II. Over Population

  1. Statistics

    1. Population data…

    2. Immigration allowance…

    3. Future data….

  2. Illegal Immigrants

    1. How many are accounted for?....

    2. Same rights as Americans…

    3. Estimation…..

  3. Border Control

    1. What we are suppose do to…

    2. How do we have so many illegal immigrants?...

    3. Future plans….

III. Poverty Stricken

  1. Violence

    1. Crime….

    2. Gangs….

    3. Who’s to blame? ….

  2. Jobs

    1. Employment rates…..

    2. Unemployment…..

    3. Illegal Workers….

  3. Overall Economy

    1. Competition…

    2. Where we stand…

    3. Future improvements…..

IV. Police of the world

  1. Involvement

    1. Arguments…

    2. War….

    3. Staying out of the problems…

  2. Our own Problems

    1. Economy…

    2. Over population…

    3. Political conflicts….

  3. Citizens Responses

    1. Pro side for involvement…

    2. Con side for involvement…

    3. How we should resolve the situation……

V. Conclusion – Admitting the talent we need in our country can help reduce over population, reduce the poverty stricken economy, as well as, remove our nation from being the police of the world.

A. Overall statistics of world population and possible reaction if newer laws were set….

B. We need to stay a strong nation and stay high in the economy game…..

C. Many Political protests have been brought about on how we handle immigration….

D. From past policy’s till now….

NOTE: The outline you turn in does not have have too much detail, but I do expect to find evidence that you have begun thinking about, organizing, and possibly researching your topic.

Megan Stratus

Mrs. Whitney, 2

Composition II

17 January 2014

Immigration: How Should it be Handled?

America, “Land of the Free”, an expression used to attract different cultures and ethnicity to our home. As everyone recalls we give equal opportunities and a chance to accomplish our goals and dreams by starting all over. Immigration has once made us believe we were a “Melting-Pot” (“Update” 2002) society. However, this idea decreases steadily as discrimination is seen through resentment of other citizens. Today, Americans need to be prepared to strive in an increasingly combative economic competition (Watson). Our economics need to become a priority and we must do everything to keep our nation on top to make us a successful society. Admitting the talent we need in our country can help: reduce over population, reduce the poverty stricken economy, and, remove our nation from being the police of the world.

The population of our home is increasing drastically each year. “Each year, the U.S. admits between 700,000 and 900,000 legal immigrants. In addition, around 275,000 immigrants enter illegally annually” (Update 2002). These statistics show that we welcome many to our country even if illegal the benefits given are remarkable. Our homes and neighborhoods are being affected by the large population spikes we get. 53 percent of Hispanic origin had occurred during 1980 to 1990 and these numbers have shown that it has well over doubled by 2010 (Issues & Controversies). Soon foreign-born will account for about 20 to 30 percent of American population according to the statistical numbers acquired. Our neighborhoods and towns soon will be at maximum capacity. We think that cutting down more trees and flattening out lands will create a solution. However, that will cause this controversy to be more complex. We are just cutting more resources that could benefit us. With over-populated lands our resources diminish quickly. Eventually with all these increasing numbers it will affect our nation’s employment options, making it more of an issue than we already have.

With the many immigrants, refugees, etc. we allow into American grounds, the real question is, how many bodies are truly accounted? The data of 275,000 annually enter illegally, is just a statistical estimation (“Update” 2002). The government needs to realize who we are admitting and how beneficial they will become. Government officials already realize that America has more citizens than we have accounted for, but where are the disciplinary measures? “High illegal immigration levels are overcrowding the United States, especially in urban areas, and preventing immigrants already here from assimilating into American society (Jones).” That statement proves that the immigrants who were permitted into America are finding the hardships of the land because of the overpopulated areas. There are approximately a total of 11.7 million undocumented immigrants in the United States (Illegal Immigration). These numbers are increasing significantly with no remote actions being pushed forward to help the crowded lands. The blame could be positioned towards Border Control, and how it is ran.

Border Control is a modern topic that is widely reviewed “Current proposals focus primarily on ways to resolve issues related to border control, undocumented workers and law enforcement (Watson).” To understand the statement just given, Americans need to understand some options that are in debate about foreign affairs. For example: should we open ourselves to the world, admit the talent we need, or make immigration restricted (Watson). With that said, we should set standards to benefit our economics and future. To add only the well-talented and educated to America could benefit the well-being of American economics. In the past, were once a strong nation of hard workers and patriots, but now we have succumbed to the laziness of the world. “Skilled, well-educated immigrants are most capable of contributing to the betterment of the United States (Watson).” We need to put an effort into stopping the over population and setting up immigration policies that can truly benefit us in the long run. Generating new border control policies could help with this change as well. Is it possible to have the old hardworking nation we once had back? We could dramatically change our towns and neighborhoods with admitting on the talent we need.

Violence has been dilemma for centuries, but statistics show that the violence rates are increasing, but who’s to blame? Many believe it is our foreign born neighbors that are responsible for such a conundrum. It is shown through a study that United States born men are five times more likely to be incarcerated than their foreign born peers (Kingsbury). With that said, immigration could be the cause of many problems, but violence rates are not one of them. Between the years of 1994 to 2005, immigration nearly doubled but statistically crime rates and property rates declined (Kingsbury). Also, that statistic is excluding the illegal foreigners. Placing the blame on others for our issues will not solve any problems that are occurring throughout America.

Many Americans go through complex processes to obtain a well earned job. Once a nation that was booming for available jobs, but with the excessive population increase each year those chances are diminishing quickly. Illegal immigrants travel to the United States for a greater opportunity in job offering, and many U.S. employers welcome them to the jobs because they can pay lower wages than a typical American (Immigration Issues). As we grow immensely as a society, we are having difficulty finding jobs. The immigration rate of stolen jobs has increased significantly to 71.4 percent (Immigration Issues). How can we compete with the people who are working for minimum wage or below for specific jobs? “Only by enforcing the immigration law against employment of illegal alien workers can this spiral to the bottom be broken and employers forced to restore wages and working conditions to levels that will attract U.S. workers and legal foreign workers (Illegal Immigration).” Having immigrants who work for less and are not educated is not fair to the hardworking communities of our country and increases the unemployment rate.

Even though many Americans place the blame on immigration for a lot of the problems that have aroused, but economics is not one of them. The government is very persistent on telling us that immigration is beneficial to not just them, but to everyone in the nation. Immigration is shown to lead us in the 21st century to be a prosperous society (Immigration and the economy). It is shown through a series of studies that immigration will eventually create billions to trillions of U.S. dollars from increasing the gross domestic product. In 2023 an increase of rough 700 million dollars will occur and eventually change to 1.4 trillion in 2033 from immigration allowance (immigration and the economy). These dramatic changes will create great beneficial results in the end for Americans economy. Today we don’t have a very reliable economy, but with immigration it is bound to change.

Americans appear too involve themselves in other countries controversies and problems; even if we oppose to the decisions of Congress and the President. The government feels it is necessary to be that guardian angel of international grounds. Many say as long as evil exists, someone will have to be there to protect the citizens from predators (Boot). Armed forces will bring in refugees if needed due to protection adding into a massive society already. There are many laws prohibiting international catastrophes, but without an enforcement on such laws there are dangerous predators that are more advanced than your typical murderer, rapists, robber, etc.(Boot). International rules and regulations can proceed to bigger issues that someone needs to take a stand on. With that said, it gives a clear census of why America is considered the police of the world.

CNN is a major international news broadcaster, but does it show any of the United States issues? Americans are so focused on how every other country should be. However, this country is no different from others that are drowning in their own problems. America needs to reconsider being the “police of the world” on the basis that we can’t constantly be everywhere at once (Should). Our involvement is not always very helpful in certain manners. The government and armed forces of the United States are proceeding to get stronger immensely. It could be intimidation to the other countries, which is not what a “peace-keeper” should be doing. If the U.S. wants to be the police of the world, it needs to figure out how to be more peaceful itself.

The problems the United States faces should be the settlement that the nation needs to settle their issues before anyone else’s. Debt, a word that makes the government cringe to the sound of the word. Americans cannot afford more debt with involving ourselves internationally (Should). We are about 35 million dollars in nation debt as it is. Our economy is failing and our culture stills needs some work (Should). Americans can’t afford to bring other countries problems and add them to the many they share. The possibility of a financial crisis is underway and it will continue to increase as a possibility if American government do not fix it (Should). Reconsidering the involvement of American in other countries would be beneficial to figuring out the complex measures it takes to make America better first.

With all of that said, America is a growing nation that needs to benefit itself before benefitting others. Admitting the talent we need in our country can help: reduce over population, reduce the poverty stricken economy, and, remove our nation from being the police of the world. As you can see above, not everything is because of immigration or illegal immigration. Sometimes it can benefit Americans, but that’s only if we admit the talent we need. Bringing over immigrants that are well-educated and persistent to succeeding would be a great idea to creating a stronger nation. Importing and exporting would never be an issue because the government will not be restricting immigration, they will be limiting only. Immigration can be very beneficial, but harmful at the same time. Americans need to create a plan that will be beneficial to everyone.

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