Megan Kelly takes flight to her forever home!

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Subject: Megan Kelly takes flight to her forever home!

We wanted to share a story about a special person, who made an adoption to Michigan possible.  His name is John Vanek, and he's a volunteer pilot with Pilot's N Paws.  He flew from Michigan to Olean, to pick up little Megan Kelly and take her back to Michigan to her new adoptive family.

Megan is a "product" of a puppy mill, kept in a box, and used as a machine to produce litters, her entire life, until now.  She's one of the few lucky ones that weren't killed when they were no longer making "product" for money. 

A family in Michigan applied for this special (and SO beautiful) girl, and Joye, our leader of Joyful Rescues reviewed the application and carefully checked their background and references.  When she was approved for adoption, Pilots N Paws was contacted, and this amazing man, came forward to transport her to Michigan to start her new life.  I've copied John on this email and copied pictures.

It takes all of us to give these wonderful pets a second chance at life.. from Joye, the founder on the rescue organization, and the countless volunteers that make it happen, and last but not least, the people that choose to rescue and adopt their pet.  When they adopt a dog or cat, they're really adopting 2, as it allows us to bring another pet into rescue.  As is often said, we can't save them all (we wish we could), but what a difference we make for the ones that we do! 

Thank you so much John Vanek and all of you for making a difference, one tail at a time!

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