Medieval Theatre Created by Beth Lloyd Lowe Unit Objective

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Day 4: Read Everyman

Students will be able to demonstrate their understanding of Morality plays by reading Everyman and discussing it.

Materials Needed:

copies of Everyman, small slips of paper


Pass out two small pieces of paper to each student.

  • Tell them to write down a way to read on their papers

  • Come prepared with your own:

  • Put all of the slips together in a pile (or in a hat/bowl)

Read Everyman

  • Ask for volunteers for all of the roles in Everyman.

  • Start reading the play – before each character speaks for the first time, have them take a slip of paper and read their lines in that manner. When Everyman gets bored of his, he can change to a new one every so often.

  • After each new character has left, discuss the plot. What are we learning about how to be a good Catholic here?

Medieval Theatre

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