Medieval Theatre Created by Beth Lloyd Lowe Unit Objective

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Day 1: Theatre is banned.

Students will be able to demonstrate their understanding of why the Catholic Church banned theatre through discussion.


What do you think of when you hear “Medieval?” (possible answers may include castles, Renaissance Fairs, Medieval Times restaurant, knights, princesses, etc.)

  • What about if I say Medieval theatre? Anything?

Materials Needed:

Two different colored stacks of sticky notes


It isn’t surprising that we don’t think about theatre when we think Medieval. Here’s a little background as to why:

  • Roman empire falls. No longer is the majority of the known world ruled by one emperor. The political structure is gone and the only thing left is the Catholic Church.

  • Theatre is now gone – the Catholic Church says it’s not okay. Even though I don’t agree with that judgment of theatre, I can’t help but understand why they felt this way that that time – remember what Roman theatre was like? (bloody, violent, basically horrifying) and so that’s what the Catholic Church is not okay.

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