Medieval Theatre Created by Beth Lloyd Lowe Unit Objective

Day 8: Performance and Assessment

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Day 8: Performance and Assessment

Students will be able to demonstrate their understanding of playwriting and getting a play up on its feet as well as finding the moral of the play by performing each other’s scripts.

Materials Needed:

Access to the prop/costume closet, rubrics for grading playwrights and actors (and directors).


We are performing today! Take 10 minutes to make sure you are ready and have all of your props, costumes, etc.


Number the board with the number of groups you have – 1-5 if you have 5 groups, 1-10 if you have 10 groups, etc. and when their rehearsal time is up, announce that the playwright should come sign their group up for a performance slot on the board.

  • Perform in the order listed on the board.

  • After each performance, ask the audience for their reactions to this play. What was the message/moral?

  • Grade playwrights and actors separately according to the attached rubrics

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