Medieval Theatre Created by Beth Lloyd Lowe Unit Objective

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Day 7: Rehearsal

Students will be able to demonstrate their understanding of playwriting and how to get a play on its feet from the page by rehearsing and revising their scenes.

Materials Needed:

Scripts from last time, access to the prop and costume closet.


Write the following quote on the board: “Do you know what a playwright is? A playwright is someone who feels his guts hang out on the stage.” - Edward Albee

  • What do you think Edward Albee means by this quote? Do you agree? If this is true, how should actors and directors treat plays they are given to produce? It is incredibly important to figure out what the playwright was saying with their play and portray exactly that. It was easy in Morality plays – they outright say over and over again what they want you to get out of it. Now it’s harder, but you still have to find the “moral.”


You have the rest of the class period today to rehearse. Make sure you have all of the props or costume pieces that you need – come see me if you need something from our stock.


Remember we are performing next time! Be sure to be memorized, and bring anything you need.

Medieval Theatre

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