Medieval Theatre Created by Beth Lloyd Lowe Unit Objective

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Medieval Theatre
Created by Beth Lloyd Lowe
Unit Objective:

Students will be able to demonstrate their understanding of Medieval Theatre, playwriting, and getting a play up on its feet by participating in discussions, taking a quiz, writing a play, and performing a play.

Learning Level:


Prior Experience:

All should have some experience with Drama. Ideally they have had a unit on Greek theatre and a unit on Roman theatre before this.

National Standards:

TH:Cr2-II.b. Cooperate as a creative team to make interpretive choices for a drama/theatre work.

Re7.1.II.a. Respond to what is seen, felt, and heard in a drama/theatre work to develop criteria for artistic choices.

TH:Re8.1.I.b. Identify and compare cultural perspectives and contexts that may influence the evaluation of a drama/theatre work.

TH:Re9.1.II.c. Verify how a drama/theatre work communicates for a specific purpose and audience.

TH:Cn11.1.I.a. Explore how cultural, global, and historic belief systems affect creative choices in a drama/theatre work.

Big Idea:

Theatre is worthwhile and essential to humanity. Playwriting is difficult and the intent of playwrights should be respected.

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