Medieval Machine Mayhem!

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Prior Knowledge:
Understanding Structures and Mechanisms
Grade 2

  • 3.1 describe different ways in which objects move

  • 3.2 identify ways in which the position of an object can be changed

  • 3.3 identify the six basic types of simple machines – lever; inclined plane; pulley; wheel and axle, including gear; screw; and wedge – and give examples of ways in which each is used in daily life to make tasks easier

  • 3.4 describe how each type of simple machine allows humans to move objects with less force than otherwise would be needed

Grade 4

  • 3.5 distinguish between pulley systems and gear systems that increase force and those that increase speed

  • 3.8 identify the input components that drive a mechanism and the output components that are driven by it

Grade 5

  • 2.2 measure and compare, quantitatively and/or qualitatively, the force required to move a load using different mechanical systems, and describe the relationship between the force required and the distance over which the force moves

  • 3.3 explain the advantages and disadvantages of different types of mechanical systems

Grade 7

  • 2.2 design, construct, and use physical models to investigate the effects of various forces on structures

  • 3.2 describe ways in which the centre of gravity of a structure affects the structure’s stability 3.3 identify the magnitude, direction, point of application, and plane of application of the forces applied to a structure

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