Medieval Machine Mayhem!

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Key Concepts:

Simple machine, systems, input, output, force, work, energy, efficiency, mechanical advantage, load

Prior Skill Sets:
Students should be able to:

  • design and carry out a plan to achieve a solution using the Technological-Design Process:

“Critical aspects of technological problem solving are: careful planning; purposeful selection of tools and materials; testing, retesting, and modifications of a product or process; communicating about the solution; and recommending of changes or improvements.” (Ontario Science and Technology curriculum document, 2007, p. 17)

  • work safely with tools

  • write observations based on experimentation and ask questions that demonstrate curiosity about what was observed

  • understand the use of independent and dependent variables when experimenting using the Scientific Method

  • look for and select information that relates to the exploration from various sources

  • propose an answer to the inquiry and describe steps to take to answer questions

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