Medieval Machine Mayhem!

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Specific Expectations:
Science and Technology

  • assess the social, economic, and environmental impacts of automating systems

(from a historical standpoint)

  • 2.3 use scientific inquiry/experimentation skills to investigate mechanical advantage in a variety of mechanisms and simple machines

  • 2.4 use technological problem-solving skills to investigate a system that performs a function or meets a need

  • 2.6 use appropriate science and technology vocabulary, including mechanical advantage, input, output, friction, gravity, forces, and efficiency, in oral and written communication

  • 2.7 use a variety of forms (e.g., oral, written, graphic, multimedia) to communicate with different audiences and for a variety of purposes

  • 3.1 identify various types of systems

  • 3.2 identify purpose, inputs, and outputs of various systems

  • 3.3 identify the various processes and components of a system

  • 3.6 calculate the mechanical advantage of various mechanical systems


  • describe different ways in which algebra can be used in real-life situations

  • model linear relationships using tables of values, graphs, and equations

  • solve and verify linear equations involving a one-variable term and having solutions that are integers

  • solve problems that require conversions involving metric units

  • collect and organize categorical, discrete, or continuous primary data and secondary data

  • read, interpret, and draw conclusions from primary data (e.g., measurements, observations) presented in charts, tables, and graphs

  • solve angle-relationship problems involving triangles, intersecting lines, and parallel lines and transversals

  • solve problems involving right triangles geometrically, using the Pythagorean

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