Medieval Machine Mayhem!

Strand and Topic: Systems in Action

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Strand and Topic: Systems in Action: Understanding Structures and Mechanisms

Grade Level: 8
Inquiry Focus:
How did medieval engineers solve problems using machines?

How can you use the technological design process to build and improve upon the mechanical advantage and work done as it relates to medieval machines?

The time required depends on students’ background knowledge, skills set, level of interest, and any additional time required for completion of student work.

Big Ideas:

  • Systems are designed to accomplish tasks.

  • All systems include an input and output.

  • Systems are designed to optimize human and natural resources.

Overall Expectations:
Science and Technology

  1. assess the personal, social, and /or environmental impacts of a system, and evaluate improvements to a system and/or alternative ways of meeting the same needs

  2. investigate a working system and the ways in which components of the systems contribute to its desired function

  3. demonstrate an understanding of different types of systems and the factors that contribute to their safe and efficient operation

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