Medieval Machine Mayhem!

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Option 2 (Coupled) Teacher asks the questions and the class designs the experiments together

Examples of questions:

  • If we change the input of the machine, what happens to the output? Can we increase or decrease it?

  • How can we compare the work of the different machines? What formulas will we need? (Work = Force x Distance)

  • How can we calculate and improve the mechanical advantage of a machine? (MA = Load/effort)

  • What other variables can be changed that might affect input/output, work, and/or mechanical advantage?

Option 3 (Open) From student original designs, the question of improvement and comparison of designs is asked. The teacher then introduces the concepts of work, input/output, and mechanical advantage.
From the above experiments, students should be able to answer some of the questions they first posed in the initial Knowledge Building Circle. Students are encouraged to use the device that they built to help answer any of the questions. Students should be able to explain, using proper vocabulary learned in the Activity 2 of the Explore section of this inquiry. From the experimentation phase, more questions might have arisen and this is an opportunity to explore any new questions students might have.
Throughout the activities, knowledge can be collaboratively built using a Knowledge Building Circle, an online forum, class-wiki, collaborative website, or on chart paper in the classroom. Special attention can be given to different learning styles, as different concepts can be recorded orally and uploaded to a site, video recorded for kinesthetic demonstrations, or drawn by students.
Student Support Resources:
EUREKA video series including (Pulley, Inclined plane, Work, Weight vs. Mass, Gravity, Acceleration parts 1 & 2, Speed, Mass, Inertia). Original series from TVO.

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Leonardo Da Vinci’s Inventions

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Videos - Design process

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Books or other media (movies) that show medieval devices and daily life:

Directory: sites -> default -> files -> media
media -> Graduate medical and public health programs the department of
media -> A new Fiscal Framework For a Progressive Government Trade Unions Finding the resources to drive investment, prosperity and a shared recovery
media -> Chapter 8: Ancient Greece Summary Name: # hr chapter 8
media -> Working Syllabus University Honors 201 Course Title: “Lost” Literature Course Abstract
media -> July 2015 Events, Classes and Exhibits Wednesday, July 1
media -> June 2015 Events, Classes and Exhibits Monday, June 1 Schubertiade Concert
media -> Current Position
media -> Yale university school of medicine, new haven, connecticut
media -> August 2015 Events, Classes and Exhibits Saturday, Aug. 1 Time Capsule for Families: New House, 1872 Alexander Ramsey House
media -> Development, Divinity and Dharma

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