Medieval Machine Mayhem!

Teacher-led Student-Led - examples

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Student-Led - examples

What machine did you see? What machines didn’t you have, but that might have existed in those times?

Why did they build these machines?

Were they successful?

Which is more efficient - a trebuchet or catapult?

Could you survive in medieval times?

What is common between these devices?

What are the parts of this technology?

How do you ensure a machine is more efficient?

What machines are important in your household? Which is the most important?

Can you think of a machine that would make your life easier?

Does an input always need to be more than the output?

How could you improve on medieval technology?

How could you survive the battle of…?

How could you invent a new simple machine?

How could a machine help you survive?

How can we build one of these machines?

How can I make it accurate?

How can I make it better?

What is the difference between a catapult and a trebuchet?

How much can the machine hurl?

What did they use to build machines in medieval times?

What would happen if I change ____?

What is the best machine to lift ______ ?

What do engineers do?

I find ____ aspect of medieval life interesting.

What were medieval machines used for?

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