Medieval Europe 2, 1000-1500: Cathedrals, Knights, and Crusades

Grading Standards for Written Assignments

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Grading Standards for Written Assignments:

The following grading guidelines reflect the great value I place on the quality of student writing.

A: Exceptionally well-written and well-organized, strong argument, excellent analysis,
insight into material, offering significant evidence and material as support, not repetitive or regurgitative.

B: By comparison this paper is not as well written, is lacking in one way or another (compared to an “A” paper), may exhibit some mastery of material but is often repetitive or regurgitative.

C: Deficient in writing or organization, marked by a paucity of sources, “satisfactory,” lacking analysis.

D: Serious flaws in any or many of the areas mentioned above.

E: Didn’t answer the question, incoherent, entirely missed the nature/goal of the assignment.

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