Medieval Europe 2, 1000-1500: Cathedrals, Knights, and Crusades

Map Quiz: [5% or 20 points

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Map Quiz: [5% or 20 points]

The quiz will cover basic geography that is necessary for an understanding of medieval history.

Review Quizzes: [10% or 40 points]

These periodic quizzes will cover the major books used in the course: Scott, Bouchard, Baldwin, and Madden. They will primarily include objective questions.

Book Review: [20% or 80 points]

Each student will select a book from the list posted on Carmen. Other books are possible, but only after discussion with the instructor. All books must be approved by the instructor at least 48 hours before the due date. Book reviews should be 1500-1800 words and, in addition to summarizing the book, should critique the book in relation to themes discussed in class. Follow the guidelines for book reviews, also posted on Carmen.

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