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**You will access the websites through this handout on my website, but write your answers on this handout.**
A. Survey: The first thing you are to do is click on the following link to complete a brief survey about your media usage. (
1. Reflect – Summarize in three to four sentences your media usage: do you use it a lot/not much, were you surprised by your responses, how influential is use of various media in your life?

B. General:
1. What do you think is meant by the word “media”? What are different types of media?

2. Visit the following webpage and answer the questions below:

  1. At the top of the page it discusses the definition of media literacy. What does media literacy mean? What does it mean to be media literate?

  2. Read the section “Why Teach Media Literacy to Young Children”: Why is it important to be media literate?

C. Persuasive Appeals

1. Visit the following web address:

  1. What are the appeals to:

    1. Logos (Logic):

    1. Ethos (Character):

    1. Pathos (Emotion):

D. Propaganda Techniques

1. Go to one of the following websites: OR

A. Click on the links for the types of propaganda below & write a brief definition and example for each:

  1. Bandwagon –

  1. Plain Folks –

  1. Fear –

  1. Glittering Generalities –

  1. Testimonial –

  1. Transfer –

  1. Name Calling –

E. Advertising Terms – Target Audience & Implied Message

  1. Go to the following website:

    1. What is a target audience (target market)?

    1. What kinds of target markets do they talk about?

    1. Why do companies use target marketing?

    1. In the cell phone example, what are some of the ways companies try to sell their products?

2. Implied Message – An implied message is what the advertisement/commercial is suggesting about their product. It’s what they are suggesting their product/service can or will do.

F. Print Advertisement Analysis : Visit one of the following pages from the same website: OR:

  1. What images/pictures are featured in the ad?

  1. What kind of text is included in the ad? What does it say?

  1. What is the implied message of the ad? What is the ad saying about the product?

  1. How do they try to sell the product? What techniques do they use?

  1. Who is the target audience/market they are trying to sell the product to?

  1. Do you notice any propaganda techniques? If so, what are they?

  1. Do they use logical (logos), emotional (pathos), or character (ethos) appeals in their ad? How do they use them?

G. Super Bowl Commercials: Visit the following website:

Select one of the Super Bowl ads featured on the website and answer the following questions:

  1. Commercial #1: ______________________ (Product/Name of Ad)

    1. What happens in the commercial?

    1. What is the implied message? What are they saying their product or company can or will do?

    1. Who is the target market/audience they are trying to sell their product to?

    1. What do they do (techniques) to try to sell their product in the commercial?

    1. Do you notice any propaganda techniques?

    1. Which appeals do they use? Are they logical, emotional, or character?

    1. In the ad, do they actually show or tell you why their product is good/beneficial/etc.? Does the ad actually

H. Digital Media Literacy/Social Networking
Visit the following website:
(It is two pages long, or you can click “View Full Story”)

  1. According to the article, what are some of the benefits of social media?

  1. What are some of the risks?

  1. How can you safely navigate the world of social networking?

  1. What do you think about social networking? In your opinion, is it safe?

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