Medal of Honor Navy Cross & Silver Star Awards to U. S. Marines (And Attached Navy Corpsmen) In The Global War on Terrorism Compiled & Edited By

Recipients By State and Home Town

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Recipients By State and Home Town


Huntsville - Harrill, John D., III - Silver Star


Wasilla - Adams, Jarred L. - Silver Star


Aliso Viejo - Sikes, Adam R. - Silver Star

Auburn - Stokes, Sean - Silver Star

El Cajon - Gomez-Perez, Carlos - Silver Star

El Sereno - Atrian, Mario - Silver Star

Fresno - Kraft, Jarrett A. - Navy Cross

Fullerton - Cardenas, Moses - Silver Star

Huntington Beach - Tardif, Timothy C. - Silver Star

Los Angeles - Santos, Danny S. - Silver Star

Montclair - Montoya, Scott C. - Navy Cross

Pleasant - Stokes, Sean - Silver Star

Quarts Hill - Waldron (Mendes), Wyatt - Silver Star

San Clemente - Bohr, Jeffrey E., Jr. - Silver Star

Temecula - Lehew, Justin D. - Navy Cross

Ventura - Bitz, Michael E. - Silver Star


Delta - Clairday, Jason S. - Navy Cross

Littleton - Holder, Theodore S., II - Silver Star


Bristol - Boada, Stephen J. - Silver Star


Dunfee, David R. - Silver Star

Miami - Baptista, Leandro F. - Silver Star

St. Augustine - Rapicault, Patrick Marc - Silver Star


Lewiston - Evers, Charles M. - Silver Star


Chicago - Lopez, Matthew A. - Silver Star

Tinley Park - Mendoza, Michael A. - Silver Star


Fort Wayne - Booker, James E. - Silver Star

Hammond - Popaditch, Nicholas A. - Silver Star


Afton - Kasal, Bradley A. - Navy Cross

Clinton - Adametz, Thomas R. - Silver Star

Mount Pleasant - McCormick, Armand E. - Silver Star

Oakland - Mitchell, Robert J., Jr. - Navy Cross


Wichita - Lilley, Jason M. - Silver Star


Louisville - Wimberg, David N. - Silver Star


Baton Rouge - Kirk, Jeffrey L. - Silver Star

Baton Rouge - Smith, Jason E. - Silver Star


- Desgrosseilliers, Todd S. - Silver Star

Westbrook - Camp, Mark A. - Silver Star


Port Deposit - Burger, Dale Allen, Jr. - Silver Star


Boston - Von Kraus, Brian R. - Silver Star

Braintree - Connors, Timothy - Silver Star

Norwood - Schauble, Jason P. - Silver Star


Flat Rock - Kinnell, Alan J. (USN) - Silver Star

Lansing - Sagredo, Ismael - Silver Star


Biloxi - Woullard, Dennis, Jr. - Silver Star


St. Joseph - Stagner, Jeremy L. - Silver Star

St. Louis - Place, John Ethan - Silver Star

New Hampshire

Dover - Parks, Thomas F., III - Silver Star

New Mexico

Albuqueque - Adlesperger, Christopher S. - Navy Cross

Albuquerque - Hunter, Jeff - Silver Star

Albuquerque - Zembiec, Douglas - Silver Star

Aztec - Cillessen, Brian G. - Silver Star

Las Cruces - Martinez, Marco A. - Navy Cross

New York

Clifton Park - McKenna, John, IV - Silver Star

New York - Tejeda, Riayan A. - Silver Star

Poughquag - Bronzi, Christopher J. - Silver Star

Rochester - Chontosh, Brian R. - Navy Cross

Scio - Dunham, Jason L - Medal of Honor

North Carolina

Fayetteville - Fonseca, Luis E. (USN) - Navy Cross

Jacksonville - Pokorney, Frederick E., Jr. - Silver Star

North Dakota

Bismarck - Diede, Bryan D. - Silver Star


Monroeville - Schuller, Jeffrey W., Jr. - Silver Star

Richwood - Workman, Jeremiah W. - Navy Cross

Sandusky - Corbin, Todd - Navy Cross

Strongsville - Viggiani, Anthony Lester - Navy Cross


Klamath Falls - Kerman, Robert P. - Silver Star

La Pine - Horton, Nicholas J. - Silver Star


Allentown - Gannon, Richard J., IV - Silver Star

Clearfield - Haney, Timothy P. - Silver Star

King of Prussia - Niedziocha, Christopher P. - Silver Star

Philadelphia - Cogan, Thomas E., IV - Silver Star

Scranton - Stann, Brian M. - Silver Star

Rhode Island

Coventry - Chiarini, Joshua T. (USN) - Silver Star

South Carolina

Pacolet Mills - Lee, Jeffrey T. - Silver Star


McKenzie - Morel, Brent - Navy Cross

Memphis - McCarver, Abraham - Silver Star

Shelbyville - McClenney, Daniel B. - Silver Star

Smyrna - Pennell, Traver D. - Silver Star


Beeville - Johnson, Alan F. - Silver Star

Brazoria - Jordan, Phillip A. - Silver Star

Dallas - Doran, Jason K. - Silver Star

Dallas - Glover, Joshua L. - Silver Star

El Paso - Gonzalez, Benjamin - Silver Star

Georgetown - Russell, David T. - Silver Star

Houston - McDade, Aubrey L. - Navy Cross

Houston - Perez, Joseph B. - Navy Cross

Salado - Cassady, Chad - Silver Star

San Angelo - Rubio, Juan M. (USN) - Silver Star

Sun Ray - Austin, Aaron C. - Silver Star

Waxahachie - Smith, Eric M. - Silver Star


Smithfield - Copeland, Willie L., III - Navy Cross


Woodbridge - Weiler, Robert S. - Silver Star


Wapato - Reynoso, Yadir G. - Silver Star

Washington, D.C.

Ackerman, Elliot L. - Silver Star


Esquibel, Dominic - Navy Cross

Guardiola, Samuel - Silver Star

Kane, Kristopher D. - Silver Star

Navarrette, Jason L. - Silver Star

Pillsbury, Richard - Silver Star

Stafford, Evan L. - Silver Star Electronic Books

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Marine Corps Recipients of Valor Awards in the Global War on Terrorism

(And Attached U.S. Navy Corpsmen)

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