Mdst3402 Prof. Williams Spring 2015 202 Levering Hall Hotel f 243-4331

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MDST3402 Prof. Williams

Spring 2015 202 Levering Hall Hotel F   243-4331

Office Hours:

Tuesday, Thursday:9:30-10:50

MDST 3402

War And The Media

Tuesday, Thursday: 2:00-3:15

Dell 2 101
Course Description

This course examines media coverage of American wars from World War I through the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. From the 20th century on, the experience of war came to most Americans mainly through the electronic media – from newsreels to Hollywood feature films and from television to the internet – rather than through direct experience. As a result, our understanding of America’s military conflicts has been heavily shaped by the way war has been portrayed in the media. Careful study of the evolution in media coverage of war provides an ideal vantage point for understanding the changing nature of warfare in the 20th and 21st centuries, war’s impact on American society, and the ways in which political elites have attempted to mobilize public support for a number of very different foreign conflicts.

Course requirements include viewing a wide range of media treatments of war and reading pertinent theoretical and historical essays.
Required Text

Unless otherwise noted, all required readings are available on Collab.

Required Video Material

Required films and video are on reserve at the Robertson Media Center in Clemons.

Course Requirements

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