McCulloch v. Maryland (1819) Study Guide Define Vocabulary

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McCulloch v. Maryland (1819) Study Guide
Define Vocabulary:

A) Real Property     B) Implied Powers    C) Delegated Powers D) Sovereignty     E) Necessary and Proper Clause/Elastic Clause

Need to know:

1.Who started the First National Bank?

2. What were the two objections that people had in general about the existence of a national bank?

3. What did the Maryland state assembly pass on Feb.11, 1818?

4. Who was James McCulloch? Where did he work? What did he refuse to do?

5. How much was McCulloch was fined? Who did appeal to first? Second?

6. Before we had a single national currency what did local banks do? How did the National Bank react to this?

7. Does the constitution mention a federal bank?

 8. What were two arguments for McCulloch?

9. What were two arguments for Maryland?

10. The Supreme Court sided with McCulloch what two reasons did it give for doing so?

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