Mayan Empire Group Project Directions

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Mayan Empire Group Project
Directions: Each group will be assigned a specific aspect of the Mayan Empire. Groups will be responsible for researching the topic using reliable websites and present their information to the class in a 4-6 minute mini lesson. Students may use PowerPoint, Prezi or a poster to complete this assignment.*
The categories for each group are listed below. Be sure to answer AT LEAST the corresponding questions underneath each category and be sure to expand upon each:
Group 1: Geography of Mayan Civilization

-What lands did the Mayan Empire encompass and when?

-What is the climate of this region?

-Explain the terrain of the region?

-What impact did these features have on Mayan life?

- Interesting facts?

Group 2: Culture and Daily Life
-What were the major religious beliefs and practices?

-Did the Mayans use currency? If so, what was it?

-What was their clothing like?

-Did they have formal schools or education systems?

-Did they have major buildings or architecture? Do they still exist?

-What was the population of the Mayan Empire? What was it important?

- Interesting facts?

Group 3: Technological and scientific innovation
-What were major advancements in:


+ Sciences (especially astronomy!)

+ The Calendar

- What was the importance of Agriculture? What were its effects?

- Interesting facts?

Group 4: The Collapse of Mayan Civilization
- How did the Mayan civilization come to an end?

- Be sure to touch upon prevailing theories as to why the Mayans disappeared.

- Are there any Mayans left today?

- Interesting facts?

You may use, but are not limited to, the following websites to help you out!
CIA World Factbook-

Mr. Donn-

Anneberg Learner-
Be sure not to plagiarize! Put information into your own words and cite your sources!
*If there is another form of presentation you would like to employ that is not listed above, please ask Mr. Lefer for approval.







Points Earned


The project contains most the required information and has evidence of research. Project is historically accurate. It is very well organized and easy to follow.

The project contains many required information and shows evidence of research. Few problems with historical accuracy. Well organized and easy to follow

The project has some required information. Some problems with historical accuracy. Has some errors in organization

The project contains little information with several factual errors. Disorganized and difficult to follow.

The project contains no information not related to the assigned project and/or is very historically flawed. Significantly lacks organization.


There are no spelling or grammar errors.

There are a few grammar and spelling errors.

There are several grammar and spelling errors.

There are many grammar and spelling errors.

Spelling and Grammar errors impede the message of the project


Student clearly understands the deeper meanings of the issues presented and makes important connections to related concepts

Student shows good understanding of issues and the deeper issues represented.

Students show some understanding of concepts represented.

Student shows limited understanding of concepts represented.

Student shows no understanding of concepts represented.

Neatness and Effort

The project has no distracting errors, corrections or erasures. It is readable and shows a great deal of effort.

The project has a few errors, corrections and erasures. It is readable and shows some effort

The project has some corrections, erasures and is untidy.

The project has many corrections, erasures and is untidy.

The project has some corrections, erasures and is untidy.

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