Maya: Blood of Kings

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Maya: Blood of Kings True or False? v.1
______ 1. We understand the rules of the Mayan ball game very well.
______ 2. When London was nothing more than wooden shacks, the Maya

were building mighty cities.

______ 3. The period of the Classic Maya was from 250 A.D. to 900 A.D.
______ 4. The area of Mayan settlement consists of present-day Panama and

parts of northern Colombia.

______ 5. Alberto Ruz discovered a skeleton with a jade mask.
______ 6. The Maya invented the second writing system of the New World.
______ 7. Diego de Landa saved thousands of Mayan books from


______ 8. Sir Eric Thompson thought the Maya were a peaceful people who

worshipped time.

______ 9. The sacred Maya calendar consisted of 365 days.
_____ 10. The Maya were able to predict solar eclipses.
_____ 11. Justin Kerr “unrolled” the pictures on Mayan vases by

photographing them.

_____ 12. The Maya deformed children’s skulls in accordance with their

ideas of beauty.

_____ 13. The most important mind-altering drug for the Maya was

cannabis (marijuana).

_____ 14. At Bonampak Giles Healy discovered paintings of the Maya

that depicted bloodletting and human sacrifice.

_____ 15. After visiting Bonampak, Thompson immediately realized that

his ideas about the “peaceful Maya” were wrong.

_____ 16. Lord Pakal ruled for almost 70 years.
_____ 17. The Maya kings took blood from their tongue and genital area.
_____ 18. The Maya people believed that in return for offerings of royal

blood, the gods would send rain and good harvests.

_____ 19. The Maya believed that the “soul” was to be found, not in blood,

but in a person’s heart.

_____ 20. The modern Maya no longer practice any type of blood sacrifice.
_____ 21. The idea of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross made absolutely no sense

to the Maya.

_____ 22. The Maya civilization fell because people lost faith in their kings.

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