May 1994 Vol. 2 Number 8 Published by the ww II roundtable Edited by Joe Grant and Jim Gerber

A. The command “Away all boats,” and the Lord’s Prayer. Q

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A. The command “Away all boats,” and the Lord’s Prayer.
Q. Who said, “Never have so few been commanded by so many”?

A. Major General Maxwell Taylor, who with his staff of the 101st Airborne landed amid a small group of enlisted paratroopers during the Normandy airborne drop.
Q. How many Allied troops participated in the Normandy invasion?

A. There were nearly 3 million combat and support personnel from the Allied powers involved in the operation. About 1.7 million were from the United States.
Q. What kind of children’s toy did American paratroopers use to exchange identification signals after the D-Day drops into Fortress Europe?

A. Tin snapper cricket toys. A single snap required two in response. The 82nd Airborne, however, added a password just to be sure.
Q. Who were the first three U.S. generals to land during the Normandy Invasion?

A. The first three were Matthew B. Ridgway, 82nd Airborne; Maxwell D. Taylor, 101st Airborne; and James M. Gavin, 82nd Airborne.

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