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Pilot extraordinaire, a sailor of oceans, and author of over twenty books was Earnest K. Gann. During World War II he delivered much-needed supplies over the treacherous Hump, later he flew well-healed tourists to the Islands, and once ferried a Gooney-bird 4000 over-water miles to Samoa. Gathering together a crew of friends, Ernie sailed the schooner, Albatross, from Holland to Sausalito for the adventure of being on the sea. His books reflected his experiences with titles like, The High and the Mighty, Fate is the Hunter, and Soldier of Fortune. Many movies followed. As a youth I couldn’t wait for the next adventure in print or film to keep me spellbound. After years of enjoying his pursuits, I wrote to him; he kindly and generously responded with a letter and poem that I treasure. His, was all the inspiration I needed. Thank you Mister Gann – Ernie.

The following have kept me reasonably honest and factual, for that I’m indebted.

Miss Carry Picket, a great teacher, who patiently nurtured this old Geezer through six-years of training in the How-to of stringing words together. How she suffered me for so long, I’ll never know. With sincere appreciation, Carry, I Thank You.

In a weak moment, Maggie Lloyd-Zeibak agreed to edit Volumes I and II. (An author bears his sole to an editor.) For keeping the Vows of Silence as my confessor Maggie, I also Thank You.

To my beautiful wife, Jennie Victoria Chan-Case; the constant has been our love for each other. Thank you.

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