Maureen L. Carroll Silk Road Project 2013 Harvard University Silk Road Civilizations Activity

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How to Write a Haiku

Look at the very simple explanation given in the KidZone page. Even though it is very simple, the ideas and form will help in writing a Haiku.

Practice writing a Haiku until you are satisfied with your work, then illustrate your poem in the style of the Japanese. You may use decorative writing or decorative but readable type choosing a font on the computer.

After filling in this page, begin working on your own Haiku.

Station 10

Stories of the Silk Road

Authentic stories of the Silk Road are found in the Folktales of the regions along the trails and paths of the Silk Road. These would be passed down from family to family, from grandfather to grandson and from grandmother to grand-daughter. They would also be passed from one group of people to another around companionable campfires as the journey would progress from region to region and from town.

Choose two of the stories from Stories of the Silk Road by Cherry Gilchrist to read. Then describe the character of the main character. Describe the main problem. Then re-tell how it was resolved. Finally write what was the moral of the story.

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