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KEY WORDS: Teaching Methods; Foreign Countries; Comparative Analysis; Students; Learning Activities; Educational Environment; Class Activities; Student Teachers; National Curriculum; Preservice Teacher Education.

Thomas, N., Clarke, V., & Lavery, J. (2003). Self-reported work and family stress of female primary teachers. Australian Journal of Education, 47(1), 73-87.

Results of a self-report questionnaire indicated that female primary teachers in Australia report moderate levels of global, work, and family stress. Time and workload pressure was the major work stressor, and responsibility for child rearing the major family stressor. Work stress and home stress both impacted on each other.
KEY WORDS: Elementary School Teachers; Employed Women; Faculty Workload; Family-Work Relationship; Females; Foreign Countries; Primary Education; Stress Variables; Teacher Morale; Teaching Conditions; Australia.

Thornton, M., & Reid, I. (2001). Primary school teaching as a career: The views of the successfully recruited. Journal of Education for Teaching, 27(1), 111-112.

Explored British student teachers' views about their choice of elementary school teaching as a career. Data from surveys and interviews indicated that virtually all respondents had always wanted to teach, enjoyed working with children, felt that teaching brought job satisfaction, and considered teaching a good career that would be challenging. Some respondents also reported negative feelings about previous noneducational work.
KEY WORDS: Career; Recruitment; Student Teachers.

Trenberth, L., & Dewe, P. (2005). An exploration of the role of leisure in coping with work related stress using sequential tree analysis. British Journal of Guidance and Counselling, 33(1), 101-116.

The past three decades have seen an explosion of interest into the nature, causes and consequences of stress in both work and non-work settings. Given that leisure is of growing importance in most people's lives and that the impact of stress influences the way in which leisure is used, then the role that leisure plays as a means of coping with stress represents an important research agenda. In order to explore leisure's role in coping with work stress this research explored, using a sample of secondary school principals and deputy principals, three issues: (1) why an involvement in leisure was important, (2) what reasons were given as to why leisure was important to cope with stress, and (3) what coping strategies were actually used to cope with stress in relation to whether or not leisure had always been regarded as an important part of life. Each of these issues was explored using a technique called sequential tree analysis. This technique identifies patterns of data and arranges them in hierarchical order to provide a visual display that captures the richness of relationships not always present when more traditional methods are used. The different patterns that emerged point to the complex role that leisure plays. The results also point to the need to better understand combinations and patterns before it is possible to determine the exact nature of the presumed emotion-focused role that leisure may play in coping with work stress. These findings have implications for stress management interventions and the role of leisure in them and the need to distinguish between the meanings people give to the importance of leisure as distinct from the actual use of leisure as a coping strategy.
KEY WORDS: Stress Management; Principals; Coping; Leisure Time; Intervention; Statistical Analysis.

Tytherleigh, M. Y., Webb, C., Cooper, C. L., & Ricketts, C. (2005). Occupational stress in UK higher education institutions: A comparative study of all staff categories. Higher Education Research and Development, 24(1), 41-61.

The higher education sector in the UK continues to experience significant change. This includes restructuring, use of short-term contracts, external scrutiny and accountability, and major reductions in funding. In line with this, reports of stress at work in higher education institutions have also increased. The study reported here was carried out using a stratified random sample of all categories of staff (academic and non-academic) from 14 UK universities and colleges. Levels of occupational stress were measured using the ASSET model. The results showed that the most significant source of stress for all higher education staff (irrespective of category of employee) was job insecurity. In comparison to the normative data, staff also reported significantly higher levels of stress relating to work relationships, control, and resources and communication, and significantly lower levels of commitment both from and to their organization. However, they also reported significantly lower levels of stress relating to work-life balance, overload and job overall, and lower levels of physical ill-health. Significant differences were identified between staff working at Old versus New universities and by category of employee. These results support the growing evidence that universities no longer provide the low stress working environments they once did.
KEY WORDS: Comparative Analysis; Higher Education; Job Security; Stress Variables; Educational Change; College Faculty; Work Environment; Measures (Individuals); United Kingdom.

van Dick, R., & Wagner, U. (2001). Stress and strain in teaching: A structural equation approach. British Journal of Educational Psychology, 71(2), 243-259.

School teaching seems to be particularly stressful. The stress model of Lazarus and colleagues and its adaptation to educational settings by Kyriacou and Sutcliffe is the basis for an analysis of antecedents and consequences of teacher stress. The first aim of this study was to test the theoretical model of teacher stress on a large sample using structural equation statistics (study I). The results should then be cross-validated and the model enlarged by additional operationalisations (study II). This study was conducted using heterogeneous samples of German school teachers (study I:N = 356, study II: N = 201). In study I, standardised questionnaires measuring workload and mobbing as stressors, physical symptoms as stress reactions, and social support and self-efficacy as moderating variables. In addition to these concepts, coping strategies, burnout and absenteeism were assessed in study II. The structural equation modelling in study I revealed that the predications of the stress model hold true: workload and mobbing lead to stress reactions, whereas principal support reduces the perception of workload and mobbing. Global support and self-efficacy moderate the relationships between the variables. These results were confirmed in study II and the model was enlarged by burnout and coping strategies. With all concepts, 12% of the variance of absenteeism can be explained. Limitations of the studies, using cross-sectional data and self-reported measures are discussed.
KEY WORDS: Teacher Stress; Workload; Mobbing; Stress Reactions; Social Support; Self Efficacy; Coping Strategies; Burnout; Absenteeism.
Van Horn, J. E., Schaufeli, W. B., & Taris, T. W. (2001). Lack of reciprocity among Dutch teachers: Validation of reciprocity indices and their relation to stress and well-being. Work & Stress, 15(3), 191-213.
This research presents the results of two related studies on the convergent and construct validity of three measures of reciprocity in exchange relationships at work. In Study 1, 71 Dutch teachers were interviewed about their specific investments and outcomes in the exchange relationships with their students, colleagues and school. ANOVA revealed that they reported significantly more investments than outcomes, and that the number of reported investments and outcomes mentioned varied as a function of the type of exchange relationship. Building on these results, multi-item scales were created to assess reciprocity at a detailed level for each of the three exchange relationships. Study 2 validated these specific reciprocity measures by relating them to two global assessments of reciprocity (convergent validity) as well as to measures of job stress and well-being (construct validity). LISREL-analysis of data obtained from a further sample of 224 teachers revealed that for each type of exchange relationship there were significant, consistent and meaningful relationships among the three reciprocity measures. Further, hierarchical regression analysis showed that the reciprocity measures were differentially related to job stressors and measures of well-being. Implications are discussed.
KEY WORDS: Reciprocity; Equity; Theory; Teachers; Work Stress; Well-Being.

Vettor, S. M., & Kosinski, F. A., Jr. (2000). Work-stress burnout in emergency medical technicians and the use of early recollections. Journal of Employment Counseling, 37(4), 216-228.

Numerous studies have indicated a high work-stress burnout rate of emergency medical technicians, although none have used techniques predicting work-stress burnout. This paper discusses early memories that are representative of emergency medical technicians who may be susceptible to burnout, and memories that may indicate an individual's resistance to burnout. It proposes research to substantiate effectiveness of early recollections in predicting burnout.
KEY WORDS: Burnout; Career Counseling; Emergency Medical Technicians; Recall (Psychology); Stress Variables; Emergency Medical Services; Memory Span.

Viswesvaran, C., Sanchez, J. I., & Fisher, J. (1999). The role of social support in the process of work stress: A meta-analysis. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 54(2), 314-334.

Study 1 analyzed 68 studies, identifying three constructs: workplace stressors, strains, and social support. In study 2, models of social support in the workplace were tested, finding that social support reduced strains, mitigated perceived stressors, and moderated the relationship between stressors and strain.
KEY WORDS: Interpersonal Relationship; Meta Analysis; Social Support Groups; Stress Variables; Work Environment; Job Stress.
Williams, A. (2003). Informal learning in the workplace: A case study of new teachers. Educational Studies, 29(2-3), 207-219.
Focuses on the learning of new teachers in England to identify aspects of workplace learning that may not be accommodated within the statutory induction year. Draws from interview and survey data. Concludes that the new teachers' learning is informal, reactive, and collaborative.
KEY WORDS: Beginning Teachers; Case Studies; Educational Research; Foreign Countries; Higher Education; Interviews; Learning Experience; Professional Development; Surveys; Teaching Experience; England.
Wilson, V., & Hall, J. (2002). Running twice as fast? A review of the research literature on teachers' stress. Scottish Educational Review, 34(2), 175-187.
A literature review of teacher stress in Scotland found that hours worked by teachers have not changed significantly over the last decade, but the number of unpopular tasks over which teachers have little control has increased, resulting in increased stress. Being forced to implement mandated changes also increases teacher stress.
KEY WORDS: Academic Standards; Collegiality; Coping; Educational Change; Elementary Secondary Education; Faculty Mobility; Foreign Countries; Job Satisfaction; Quality of Working Life; Social Support Groups; Stress Variables; Teacher Burnout; Scotland; Teacher Stress.

Wilson, V., Schlapp, U., & Davidson, J. (2003). Prescription for learning? Meeting the development needs of the pharmacy profession. International Journal of Lifelong Education, 22(4), 380-395.

A survey (n=947) of pharmacists and instructors was compared with 1999 results. Over 90% of both high and low users of formal continuing education also engaged in informal learning. Low users received the most employer support for training. Differences among high, medium, and low users and nonusers suggest a need for diverse formats and services, including distance learning.
KEY WORDS: Educational Attitudes; Foreign Countries; Informal Education; Pharmaceutical Education; Pharmacy; Professional Continuing Education.

Wood, T., & McCarthy, C. (2002). Understanding and preventing teacher burnout. Washington, DC: Office of Educational Research and Improvement (ED).

This digest explains that burnout results from the chronic perception that one is unable to cope with daily life demands. Teachers must face classrooms full of students every day; negotiate potentially stressful interactions with parents, administrators, counselors, and other teachers; contend with relatively low pay and shrinking school budgets; and ensure students meet increasingly strict standards. This can result in a form of burnout at some point in their careers. The digest looks at the nature of the stress response, describes the development of the burnout construct, and examines several types of prevention that can be useful in helping teachers contend with an occupation that puts them at risk for burnout. Primary prevention includes organizational practices which allow teachers some control over their daily challenges. Secondary prevention focuses on early detection of problems before they emerge as full-blown disorders. Tertiary prevention involves ameliorating symptoms of burnout. The digest concludes that primary prevention is preferable, but all types can be effective.
KEY WORDS: Elementary Secondary Education; Stress Management; Teacher Burnout; Teacher Responsibility; Teaching Conditions; ERIC Digests; Primary Prevention.

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Fernandez, Roberto M.

Fernández Macías, Enrique

Ferri, B.A.

Ferrier, F.

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Fidler, H.

Field, John

Fields, Vivian

Figart, D. M.

Figgis, Jane

Finch, Steven

Fincham, R.

Findsen, B.

Fine, Janice

Fine, Saul

Finnie, Ross

Fischer, A. W.

Fisher, Jeffrey

Fisher, Margaret

Fisher, Michael

Fisher-Brillinger, Margaret

Fitzgerald, Jill

Fitzgerald, R.

Fix, Michael

Fjortoft, Nancy F.

Flack, Mary Ellen

Flocks, Sara

Florida, Richard

Flynn, Nicole T.

Folbre, Nancy

Foley, G.

Foley, Griff

Foley, T.E.

Foray, Dominique

Foreman, Jim

Forrester, K.

Forrester, Keith

Forth, J.

Foster, Jason

Fowler, Cathrine

Francesconi, Marco

Francis, Becky

Frank, Fiona

Frank, John W

Frank-Alston, Melissa Marie

Franklin, Sue

Frazee, C.

Frazis, Harley

Freeman, David E.

Freeman, R. B.

Freeman, Yvonne S.

French, S.

Frenette, M.

Frenkel, Stephen J.

Frenkel, Steve

Fretwell, David H.

Friaz, Guadalupe

Friedberg, Leora

Friedman, Andrew

Friedrich, Peter

Frommhold, M.

Frost, Ann C.

Frost, Nick

Fuchs, Jesse

Fuertes, Fernando Chacon

Fullan, M.

Fuller, A.

Fumia, Doreen

Fung, Archon

Furlong, John

Furner, Judith

Furstenberg, Frank F , Jr

Fuwa, M.

Gabbard, David

Gabbay, John

Gagliardi, Maria Pia

Gagnon, Eric

Galarneau, Diane

Galbis, E. M.

Gale, Trevor

Gall, Gregor

Gallacher, Jim

Gallagher, Kevin

Gallagher, S.

Gallart, M. A.

Gallie, Duncan

Gallo, Melina

Gallo, Melina L.

Ganding, Luis Armando

Gangl, Markus

Garavan, Thomas N.

Garcia, B. C.

Garcy, Anthony M , Jr

Gardner, Erica L.

Garicano, L.

Garnett, Jonathan

Garrick, John

Gaskell, Jane

Gates, Lauren B.

Gaut, Jolene

Gazso-Windle, Amber

Gee, M. K.

Gellatly, Guy

Gendron, Benedicte

Georgellis, Y.

Geppert, Mike

Gerard, Leo W.

Gerber, Paul J.

Gerber, Theodore P.

Gereluk, Winston

Gershuny, Jonathan

Gerson, Kathleen

Gherardi, Silvia

Gibbs, Paul

Gibelman, Margaret

Gibson-Graham, J.K.

Giele, Janet Zollinger

Giesecke, Johannes

Giles, C.

Gill, C.

Gindis, B.

Gingras, Yves

Ginns, Ian S.

Gintis, Herbert

Giroux, Henry

Gittleman, Maury

Giuffre, Patti A

Given, L.

Glauber, Rebecca.

Glauert, Esme

Glenday, D.

Glendenning, Frank

Glenn, A.

Glover, Derek

Gobo, Giampietro

Goldberg, Michelle

Goldberg, Wendy A.

Golden, L

Goldthorpe, John H

Gomes, Maria Do Carmo

Gonzales, Rosa

Gonzalez, Norma

Goodin, Robert E.

Goodwin, John

Goodwin, R. Neva

Gopalakrishnan, A.

Gopee, Neil

Gorard, Stephen

Gorman, Rachel

Gosling, Vashti

Gospel, Howard F.

Gottfredson, Linda S.

Gottlieb, Benjamin

Gottschalk, Peter

Gough, Stephen

Gould, Arthur

Gouthro, Patricia A.

Goux, Dominique

Goyder, John

Grabb, Edward G.

Graber, Julia A.

Grace, Andre P.

Gracia, F. J.

Gradwell, John

Grady, Marilyn L.

Graham, Patricia

Graham, Steven W.

Grant, Gordon

Gray, M.

Green, Andy

Green, Annette

Green, Colin

Green, Francis

Green, Judith L.

Greenberg, E.

Greenstein, Theodore N.

Greenwood, Maggie

Gregg, N.

Gregory, Denis

Gregory, Robert J.

Gregson, M.

Griffin, C.

Griffith, J.

Griffiths, Toni

Grognet, Allene Guss

Groot, Wim

Gross, Martin

Grossfeld, Jim

Grossman, Jean B.

Ground, Ian

Grover, Chris

Grubb, W. Norton

Gruber, Hans

Guggenheim, Eric Fries

Guile, David

Gulwadi, Gowri Betrabet

Gumulka, G.

Gunderson, Morley

Gunnigle, Patrick

Gustavsson, Bernt

Guthrie, James

Guthrie, James W.

Hack, A.

Haddad, Carol J.

Hagedorn, Mary

Hager, Paul

Haines, Sarah

Hak, Tony

Halfpap, Klaus

Halimi, Suzy

Hall, Budd L.

Hall, Crystal

Hall, E.

Hall, John

Hall, M.

Hall, Michael

Hall, Richard

Haller, Beth A.

Halliday, J.

Halliday, John

Hamby, Deborah

Hamil-Luker, Jenifer

Hamilton, Gillian

Hammersley, Martyn

Hammett, Neil

Hammond, Cathie

Hampden-Thompson, G.

Handcock, Mark S.

Handel, Michael J

Handel, Michael J.

Handley, K.

Handy, Femida

Hannan, C.

Hannan, Damian F.

Hansen, Jo-Ida

Hansen, Lars

Hansez, I.

Harcourt, Wendy

Harden, Jane

Harden, R. M.

Hardill, Irene

Hargittai, E.

Hargreaves, A.

Hargreaves, Jo

Hargrove, Kathy

Harkins, Arthur M.

Harley, Bill

Harmon, Michelle

Harris, A.

Harris, Claire

Harris, Judy

Harris, R.

Harrison, Lesley

Harrison, Leslie

Harrison, Roger

Harrold, Renee

Hart, D. J.

Harteis, Christian

Hartkamp, Jannes

Hartog, Joop

Hatakenaka, S.

Hatcher, Carrie A.

Hattery, Angela J.

Haunschild, Axel

Hauser, Robert M.

Havlovic, Stephen J

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Hawkins, Cheryl

Hayden, Anders

Hayes, Amanda

Hayes, Bernadette C.

Hayes, Elisabeth R.

Hayes, Sharon

Haynes, Anthony

Haynie, W. J., III

Heath, Christian

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Heidemann, Winfried

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Heller, Donald E.

Helterbran, Valeri R.

Hemmings, Brian

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Hendrick Keefe, C.

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Hennessy, Trish

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Henwood, Doug

Herman, Lee

Hermans, Henry

Hernandez-Encuentra, Eulalia

Herod, Andrew

Heron, P.

Herrera, C. D.

Herschbach, Dennis

Herzenberg, S

Herzog, A. Regula

Hesketh, Anthony

Hewitt, Amy

Hewitt, Lyndi N.

Hextall, Ian

Heymann, S. Jody

Hicks, E.

Higgins, J.

Hill, Catherine

Hill, Elizabeth T.

Hill, Mary

Hill, Mike

Hill, Peter

Hill, R.

Hill, Stephen

Hiltz, A.

Himsel, Amy J.

Hinchliffe, Geoff

Hindmarsh, Jon

Hinterlong, Jim

Hirschauer, Stefan

Hite, L.

Hjalager, Anne-Mette

Hoadley, U.

Hoare, Carol

Hoare, Carol Hren

Hochner, A.

Hockley, Tania

Hodgson, A.

Hodkinson, Heather

Hodkinson, P.

Hodkinson, Phil

Hodson, Randy

Hoekstra, Annemarieke

Hoerder, Dirk

Hofmeister, M.

Holden, Rick

Holladay, B.

Holland, Chris

Hollenbeck, Kevin

Holm, U.

Holman, David

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Hondagneu-Sotelo, Pierrette

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Hook, Jennifer L.

Hooker, Hu lya

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Horn, Ilana Seidel

Horn, Laura

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Howard, Stevenson

Howe, Edward R.

Howell, Brent

Howes, C.

Howorth, Carol Ebner

Hristoskova, Stefanka

Hu, Yunfang

Huang, Xu

Huang, Yen-Yi

Huberman, Michael

Hudson, Ken

Hudson, Lisa

Huggins, Jason

Hughes, Christina

Hughes, Karen D.

Hughes, Katherine

Hughes, Maria

Hull, Barbara

Hull, Richard

Humphreys, John

Humphries, M.

Hung, R.

Hunt, Stephen

Hunt, Vivienne

Hurley, John

Hussar, W.

Hustinx, Lesley

Hustinx, Lesleya

Huws, U.

Huzzard, Tony

Hyland, Terry

Hyman, Richard

Hyslop-Margison, Emery J.

Hyson, Daniel M.

Iannelli, C.

Iedema, R.

Iles, Sally

Illeris, Knud

Imel, Susan

Inderbitzin, Michelle

Ingham, Valerie

Innes, Peter

Ironson, Gail

Isengard, Bettina

Isham, Jonathan

Istance, David

Ito, M.

Itzhaky, Haya

Ivergård, Toni

Jackson, Andrew

Jackson, Michelle

Jackson, Paul

Jackson, Sue

Jacobs, Jerry A.

Jacobs, Lee

Jagers, Robert J.

Jago, Leo K

Jakupec, Victor

James, D.

James, E. H.

James, P.

Jannings, Wendy

Jansen, R.

Janssen, Onne

Jarley, Paul

Jarosz, F.

Jarvis, Peter

Jayarman, S.

Jefferson, Harriet

Jefferson, Therese

Jeffs, Danielle

Jenaro, C.

Jenkins, Andrew

Jensen, K.

Jensen, Leif

Jewson, N.

Jiang, J.

Jimenez, MaLuisa Vecina

Jobin-Davis, Kevin

Johns, J.

Johnson, Mitzi M. S.

Johnston, Robyn

Jolls, Tessa

Jolly, D.

Jones, Alister

Jones, Ann

Jones, C.

Jones, Derek C

Jones, Loring

Jones, M. K.

Jones, Roberts T.

Jones, Stephanie Tubbs

Jongbloed, L.

Jordan, J. W.

Jorgensen, Christian Helms

Jorna, F.

Joseph, Todd Allen

Joyce, Mary

Jubas, Kaela

Judd, J.

Julie Yazici, Hulya

Jung, Insung

Jurmo, Paul

Jylha, Marja

Kadkhoda, Anahita

Kager, Mary Barbara

Kahlert, Maureen

Kahn, William A.

Kakavelakis, K.

Kalleberg, Arne

Kallick, Bena

Kamberelis, George

Kang, Hyojin

Kanu, Yatta

Karakaya, Gungor

Karakaya, S.

Karakowsky, leonard

Karasek, Robert A.

Karen, David

Karlin, Jennifer

Karumanchery, L. L.

Kastberg, D.

Katrnak, T.

Katz, Jack

Katz, Tim

Katz-Fishman, Walda

Kearins, K.

Kearns, Peter

Kehrhahn, Marijke Thamm

Keith, Verna M.

Kelchtermans, Geert

Kelle, Helga

Kelloway, Kevin

Kelly, Gregory J.

Kelly, Rita Mae

Kemmer, Debbie

Kena, G.

Kenna, Alexandra C.

Kenway, Jane

Kerchner, Charles Taylor

Kerka, Sandra

Kersley, B.

Kessler, I.

Kevatsalo, Kimmo

Keyser, V.

Kieschke, U.

Kieser, Jules

Kiewra, K. R.

Kiger, G.

Kiger, Patrick J

Kilpatrick, Sue

Kilsby, Mark S.

Kim, Kwang

Kim, Seongsu

Kimberly, Garrett

Kimmel, Jean

Kincheloe, J.

King, A.

King, John E.

Kinnunen, Ulla

Kinser, K.

Kinshott, Graham

Kirby, Dale

Kirby, John R.

Kirchler, Erich

Kirkman, C.

Kirkman, Chris

Kirschenbaum, A.

Kisiel, James

Kitchenham, A. D.

Kivinen, O.

Klapan, Anita

Klein, D.

Klein, G.

Kleining, Gerhard

Kleinman, Daniel Lee

Kler, Parvinder

Klev, Roger

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Klute, Mary Maguire

Knapper, Christopher K.

Knepper, Paula

Knight, Brian

Knight, Damon

Knight, Peter

Knowdell, R. L.

Knowles, M.

Knox, Donald W., Jr.

Ko, Yiu Chung

Kochan, Thomas A.

Kocum, Lucie

Koeber, Charles

Kohn, Melvin

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Kolodinsky, Jane

Kolodinsky, Pit

Kolstad, Andy

Komonen, K.

Kontos, S.

Koppich, Julia E.

Korczynski, Marek

Korthagen, Fred

Kosinski, Frederick A., Jr.

Kossek, Ellen Ernst

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Kozlova, Natal'ya Nikitichna

Kozulin, A.

Kraft, Philip

Krahn, H.

Krantz, G.

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Krop, Richard

Kruger, Helga

Kruse, D.

Krzeslo, Estelle

Kuhn, Michael

Kurasawa, Fuyuki

Kurihara, T.

Kurland, Nancy B.

Kurz, Demie

Kurzman, Charles

Kushnir, T.

Kuutti, Kari

Kyriacou, C.

Kyriacou, Chris

La Belle, Thomas J.

Labone, Elizabeth

Lagacé, Martine

Lahn, Leif Christian

Lai, Gina

Lai, Manhong

Lai, Patrick

Lakey, Jane

Lam, Pui-Yan

Lamarre, Gine He

Lamb, Stephen

Lamba, Navjot K.

Lammertyn, Frans

Lamoureux, Henri

Lancaster, Paula E.

Landorf, H.

Landrum, R. Eric

Lange, T.

Langemeyer, I.

Langer, Nieli

Lankshear, Colin

Lanoie, Paul

Lans, Thomas

Lantz, Annika

Lanza, Bob

Larsen, Christian Albrekt

Larson, A.

Larson, Reed W.

Larson, Sherri

Larue, A.

Lasby, D.

Lathlean, Judith

Lau, Dora C

Lauder, H.

Lauder, Hugh.

Laumann, Edward O.

Lautsch, Brenda A.

LaValle, I.

LaValley, Michael P.

Lavery, Judy

Laviec, Jean-Pierre

Lavrnja, Ilija

Law, Sue

Lawhon, G. Dawn

Lawrence, Mishel

Lawy, Robert

Lazear, Edward P.

Le Bot, Irene

Le May, Andree

Leach, B.

Leach, L.

Leadbeater, Charles

Leaper, Campbell

Lechner, Daniel

Ledwith, Margaret

Lee, Christina

Lee, Christopher Michael

Lee, Dong-Jin

Lee, Jin

Lee, Yun-Suk

Leeves, Gareth

Lehmann, W.

Leicester, Mal

Leicht, Rene

Leithwood, K.

Lenoir, Y

Leo, S.

LePine, Marcie A.

Lesch, L.

Lester, Bijou Yang

Levanon, Varda

Leventhal, Tama

Levesque, Christian

Levin, B.

Levin, Benjamin

Levine, Robert V.

Levine-Sabol, M.

Levinson, E. M.

Levold, Nora

Lewchuk, W.

Lewis, David C.

Lewis, Lionel S.

Léonard, A

Li, Wei

Liaroutzos, Olivier

Lichter, Daniel T.

Lie, M.

Lieberman, Ann

Lien, B.

Liker, Jeffrey K.

Lin, Zeng

Lincoln, Yvonna S.

Lindell, Mats

Lindsay, Jo

Lindstrom, C.

Linfield, Rachel

Linn, Patricia L.

Linnehan, Frank

Linsley, Ingrid

Lior, Karen

Liptrot, Jen

Littler, Craig R.

Livingstone, D.W.

Lloyd, Caroline

Lo, Leslie

Locke, Richard M.

Locke, Terry

Lockyer, J.

Logan, Keri A.

Loh, Katherine

Lohman, Margaret C.

Loiselle, J.

London, Andrew

Long, Bonita C.

Long, Michael

Longworth, Norman

Looker, E. Dianne

Loos, Roland

Loscocco, Karyn A.

Lovelock, Robin

Lovin, Barbara Keelor

Lowe, G.

Lowell, B. L.

Lozier, Francoise

Luber, Silvia

Luca, Joe

Lucas, Keith B.

Luciani, Teresa

Luff, Paul

Lund, J.

Lundberg, U.

Lundmark, Cathy

Luoh, Ming-Ching

Lutfey, Karen

Lutz, D.

Lynch, Lisa M

Lynch, R.

Lynch, Scott M.

Lyng, Kolbein

Lynn, Marvin

Maassen van den Brink, Henriette

Machin, Stephen

MacLeod, Margo Wallace

Macneil, Christina

Maculan, A.

Maczewski, Mechthild

Madamba, Anna B.

Madous, J.W.

Magdoff, Fred

Magdoff, Harry

Magee, William

Maguire, Malcolm

Maher, JaneMaree

Mahony, Pat

Maillardet, Fred

Maki, Sue A.

Malcolm, Janice

Malcomson, James M.

Malenfant, R.

Malhotra, Yogesh

Malley, Jeff

Malone, Karen

Mandell, Alan

Manderbacka, Kristiina

Mann, Sandi

Manning, Sabine

Mannion, Greg

Manthei, Robert

Mantyla, Hans

Marandet, E.

Marcelli, Enrico A.

Marginson, S.

Marks, A.

Marks, G.

Marlow, Susan

Marsh, David D.

Marshall, Joanne G.

Marshall, Victor

Marsick, Victoria J.

Martens, Rob

Martin, D'Arcy

Martin, Fiona

Martin, Graeme

Martin, Ian

Martinez, Kay

Martinez-Aznar, M.

Martino, W.

Marton, Ference

Maryn, Michael R.

Marzo-Navarro, Mercedes

Mason, Geoff

Mason, Mark

Mason, Robin

Matherly, Cathy

Matthews, Ann

Mattingly, Marybeth J.

Mattis, Jacqueline S.

Mau, Dianne Cheryl

Mauch, Werner

Maume, David J

Maume, David J., Jr.

Maurin, Eric

Maw, James W.

May, Christopher

May, Vanessa

Maybee, Richard

Maynard, Amanda M.

Maynard, Douglas C.

Maynard, Jean-Pierre

Maynard, John

McAllister, D'Yal

McAlpine, Donna, D.

McAndrew, Patrick

McAuley, J.

McBey, Kenneth

McBride-King J.

McBrien, J. Lynn

Mccabe, D.

McCain, Roger A.

McCallum, Cynthia L.

McCarthy, Chris

McCormick, Barry

McCowan, Tristan

McCoy, Selina

McCrink, Carmen

McDonald, Susan

McEachron, Gail

McFadden, Mark

McGarrity, J. P.

McGivney, Veronica

McGoldrick, Jim

McGovern, Patrick

McGuinness, Seamus

McGuire, Dave

McGuire, J.M.

McHale, Susan M.

McIlroy, Andrea

McIntosh, Steven

McKeown, Larry E.

McKnight, Abigail

McLagan, Patricia A.

McLean, Alan

McLean, G.

McLean, Mary

McLean, S.

McLoughlin, Catherine

McMeniman, Marilyn

McMullen, K.

McMullin, Julie Ann

McNabb, B.

McNamee, R.

McNess, Elizabeth

McQuillan, Kevin

McSorley, Fiona

McWilliams, Sandra

Meador, Rhoda

Meadows, Pamela

Mearns, Jack

Medel-Anonuevo, Carolyn

Medina, P.

Meegan, Sean P.

Mehran, Golnar

Meijers, Frans

Meiksins, Peter

Melamed, S.

Melber, Leah M.

Melin, Harri

Mellard, Daryl F.

Mellow, Muriel

Mendes, Sylvie

Menezes-Filho, Naercio A.

Menter, Ian

Mercer, G.

Mercure, Daniel

Merkes, Monika

Merllié, D

Merono-Cerdan, A.L.

Merrick, Z.

Merrill, Barbara

Metcalf, Hilary

Meyer, Christine Benedichte

Meyer, Douglas

Meyer, Madonna Harrington

Meyers, Dave

Meyerson, Harold

Michaelson, Juliet

Middleton, Heather

Midha, Harish

Miedema, Baukje

Miettinen, Reijo

Miflin, Barbara

Miles, Marjorie

Miles, Steven

Milheim, Karen L.

Milkie, M.A.

Milkman, R.

Miller, Carolyn

Miller, Kimberly D.

Miller, Lynne

Miller, Nod

Miller, Richard

Miller, S.

Mills, Carmen

Mills, M.

Mills, Vince

Milsom, Amy

Minnotte, K. L.

Minnotte, M. C.

Mirchandani, K.

Misko, Josie

Mitchell, Keith

Mitlacher, L. W.

Mobley, Catherine

Modupe, I.

Moen, Phyllis

Moerkerke, G.

Moffitt, Robert A.

Mojab, Shahrzad

Mojbab, S.

Mok, Nicola

Mokyr, Joel

Moll, Luis C.

Montag, Warren

Montgomery, J. C.

Montgomery, S. M.

Monzo, Lilia D.

Moody, Sylvia

Mook, Laurie

Moore, David

Moore, Rob

Moore, Shane

Morais, Anne

Moran, Anne E.

Moran, Tyler T.

Morch, A.

Moreau, Gilles

Moreland, Judy

Moreno, G.

Morissette, Denis

Morley, Michael

Morony, Will

Morrill, Richard

Morris, Anne Felicity

Morris, Jodi E.

Morris, Martina

Morrow-Howell, Nancy

Mortelmans, Dimitri

Mortimer, Jeylan T.

Mossoux, A.F.

Mott, D. A.

Moule, P.

Mueller, Margaret M.

Muilenberg, Lin Y.

Mulder, Clara H.

Mulder, Martin

Mulder, R. H.

Mulholland, Paul.

Muller, Walter

Mulligan, Robert

Munro, Anne

Munsch, Joyce

Muntaner, Carles

Murnen, Sarah K.

Murphy, Eleanor J.

Murphy, Joan

Murphy, Kerri A.

Murphy, Mark

Murphy, Ray

Murray, Asa

Murray, Christopher

Murray, T. S.

Murray, Yohance F.

Musick, Marc

Musson, Denise

Mustillo, Sarah

Mutchler, Jan E.

Müller, U.

Mündel, Karsten

Myers, K.

Myers, Valerie

Myerson, Jeremy

Myrsiades, Kostas

Nabi, Ghulam R.

Nagel, Liza

Nairn, K.

Naples, Nancy A.

Nash, Ian

Natalier, Kristin

Naumanen, P.

Nayak, Anoop

Nazli, Samina

Nelson, J. R.

Nelson, Reed E.

Nerad, Maresi

Ness, I.

Netteland, G.

Neufeld, Steven

Neuman, S.

Neuman, William Lawrence

Neumark, D.

Neuwirth, Esther Batia

Nevo, Baruch

Newman, Meredith A.

Neysmith, Sheila

Ng, Roxana

Nicholls, W.

Nicoll, K.

Nielsen, Soren P.

Nilsen, Oivind Anti

Nind, Melanie

Noble, John

Noonan, Mary C.

Noormohamed, Zahra

Nordenmark, Mikael

Nordheim, Lena

Northover, Ann

Norton, Susan

Novak, M.

Nunn, Michelle.

Nyhan, B.

Nyman, Charlott

O'Connor, Bridget N

O'Connor, Henrietta

O'Donnell, V.

O'Nell, Susan

O'Rand, Angela M.

O'Riley, Pat

Oakley, Ann

Oels, Monika

Ohlund, B. J.

Ohsako, Toshio

Okun, Morris A.

Okurowski, Mary Ellen

Olesen, Henning Salling

Oliker, Stacey J.

Oliveira, Teresa

Oliver, Valerie

Olmedo, Clara

Olsen, Henning

Olsen, Karen M.

Olson, M.

Olson-Buchanan, Julie B.

Omey, Eddy

Ono, Hiroshi

Oosterbeek, Hessel

Orellana, Marjorie Faulstich

Ormond, A.

Orr, Leslie L.

Ortiz, Flora Ida

Osborne, Michael

Osman, Ruksana

Osnowitz, Debra

Ost, Jason

Osterman, Paul

Oterholt, Christina

Ottoy, Winfried

Oughton, Elizabeth

Overton, Laura

Overwien, Bernd

Owens, Lynn

Owens, R. Glynn

Owens, Rosemary

Oxenbridge, S.

Packer, Arnold H.

Packer, Martin J.

Paige, Helen

Palmer, T. G.

Panitch, M.

Paoli, P.

Paoli, Pascal

Paolucci, Paul Bernard

Parant, Alain

Parent, D.

Parent-Thirion, Agnès

Parker, Andrew

Parker, Laurence

Parr, H.

Parra, Luis-Fernando

Parrenas, Rhacel Salazar

Parrott, Allen

Parry, Jane

Parvinder, Keler

Pasi, Pyoria

Passel, Jeffrey

Pastor, Manuel, Jr.

Pate, Judy

Patrino, A

Patton, Dean

Pavalko, Eliza K.

Paxton, Anabelle

Payne, J.

Payne, John

Payne, Jonathan

Payne, Sheila

Pearce, Carole

Peat, Mary

Peck, J.

Peck, Jamie

Peck, Jamie A.

Peiró, J. M.

Pellegrino, Giuseppina

Pelletier, Dianne

Pelsma, Dennis

Pepper, John V.

Peres, Marcos

Perez, Gabriel

Perez, Lisa M.

Perez-Lopez, Dan

Perkins, S.

Perlesz, Amaryll

Perrons, Diane

Perry, Debra A.

Person, Ann E.

Peruniak, Geoff

Peter, Katharin

Peters, Helen

Peters, Klaus

Peterson, Michael

Petrina, Stephen

Petsod, Daranee

Petty, Richard

Pérée, F.

Pfeifer, R.

Phelps, Erin

Phillips, Mary

Phillips, S.

Pichler, Florian

Pickerden, Anita

Pieck, Enrique

Piggott, Linda

Pilcher, Jane

Pilkington, Margaret

Pillay, Hitendra

Pillemer, Karl

Pincon, Michel

Pincon-Charlot, Monique

Pinfield, Lawrence T

Pinuel Raigada, Jose Luis

Piore, M.

Pisanti, Renato

Pischke, Jorn-Steffen

Pitawanakwat, Joyce

Pithers, R. T.

Pitt-Catsouphes, Marcie

Plant, Peter

Planty, M.

Plasman, Robert

Plett, Lynette

Podesta, John D

Poonwassie, Anne

Poonwassie, Deo H.

Portelli, John

Portes, Alejandro

Portwood, J.

Postigo, Hector

Potapov, Valeriy Petrovich

Potter, Christine

Powell, Jackie

Powell, Stephen

Powell, Walter W

Powers, Rebecca S.

Preece, Julia

Press, Julie E.

Pressick-Kilborn, Kimberley

Preston, John

Price, Lynda

Prichard, Craig

Primeau, Loree A.

Probert, Belinda

Prouteau, Lionel

Provasnik, S.

Pupo, N.

Pynes, Joan E.

Pyoria, Pasi

Quarter, Jack

Quilgars, Deborah

Quinn, Jocey

Raab, Melinda

Rae, David

Raelin, Joseph A.

Raffe, David

Raffo, Carlo

Rainbird, H.

Ralph, Sue M.

Ramirez-Valles, Jesus

Ranson, Stewart

Raseev, Simona

Rasku, Anne

Rassuli, Ali

Rauschenbach, Thomas

Raykov, M.

Raza, Asif

Razzino, Simona

Reardon, Robert F.

Reay, D.

Reed, Michael I.

Rees, M.

Reeve, Fiona

Reeves, Michelle

Reeves, S.

Regan, Julie A.

Reid, Ivan

Reifman, Alan

Reima, Suomi

Reio, T.G., Jr.

Reitsma-Street, Marge

Reitz, Jeffrey G.

Rencher, Donald

Rennie, Frank

Rennie, Leonie J.

Reskin, Barbara F.

Resnick, Stephen

Reviere, Rebecca

Revill, Gina

Reynolds, J.

Rhee, Kenneth S.

Rhodes, C.

Rhodes, Jean E.

Rhodes, Sean

Ribolzi, Luisa

Riccioni, R.

Rice, Elizabeth M

Rice, James Mahmud

Richards, Peter

Ricketts, C.

Ricks, Joe M.

Riddell, Sheila

Rider, Cecilia

Riedmann, Arnold

Rifkin, Jeremy

Rikowski, Ruth

Riley, Anna L.

Roberson, Jr Donald N.

Roberts, Karen

Roberts, M. L.

Robertson, Susan

Robie, Chet

Robins, Jennifer

Robinson, Chris

Robinson, David

Robinson, J.P.

Rocco, T.

Roche, Megan

Rodrigo, M.

Roger, M.

Rogers, A.

Rogers, Alan

Rogers, Jackie Krasas

Rogers, Joel

Rogers, Mary

Rollings-Magnusson, S.

Romaniuk, Karen

Romi, Shlomo

Romich, Jennifer L.

Rooney, Donna

Rose, Joseph B.

Rosenbaum, James

Rosenbaum, James E.

Rosenblatt, Helene

Rosow, La Vergne

Ross, Dorene D.

Ross, Jean

Ross, Philip

Ross-Gordon, Jovita M.

Rossi, Alice S.

Rossi-Hansberg, E.

Roth, R.

Rothstein, D.

Rotolo, Thomas

Roulstone, A.

Roussel, Patrick

Rousso, Harilyn

Roy, Richard

Royer, N.

Royster, Deirdre A.

Rozario, Philip A.

Ruban, L.M.

Rubenson, Kjell

Rubinstein, Saul A.

Rudolph, J.

Rueda, Robert

Ruhland, Sheila K.

Ruiz-Mercader, J.

Russell, M.

Ryan, Jane

Ryan, Paul

Rychen, Dominique Simone

Rycx, Francois

Rydell, Peter

McIntosh, S.

Saaranen, T.

Sabater-Sanchez, R.

Sabates, Ricardo

Sabattini, Laura

Sackmann, Reinhold

Safford, S.

Sager, Eric W.

Sagrario Floro, Maria

Sahlberg, Pasi

Sakellariou, C.

Salas-Velasco, Manuel

Salganik, Laura Hersh

Salminen-Karlsson, M.

Salmon, Wendy

Saloniemi, Antti

Salt, Ben

Sam, Tran Xuan

Sanchez, Francisca

Sanchez, Juan I.

Sanchez-Carbonell, Javier

Sander, J.

Sansuinetti, Jill

Santagata, Rossella

Sapey, B.

Sauer, John

Saunders, Benjamin A.

Saunders, S.

Sauve, Roger

Sauvé, J.

Savoie-Zajc, Lorraine

Sawchuk, Peter H.

Saxton, Judy

Sayer, Aline G.

Sayer, L.C.

Scaife, T.

Scanlon, Eileen

Scevak, Jill J.

Schaarschmidt, U.

Schaie, K. Warner

Schartz, H.A.

Schartz, K.

Schaufeli, Wilmar B.

Scheeres, H.

Scherer, Stefani

Scheuch, K.

Schlapp, Ursula

Schleien, Stuart J.

Schmitz, G. S.

Schmook, Renate

Scholtz, A.

Schomburg, Harald

Schooler, Carmi

Schuetze, Hans

Schugurensky, D.

Schuller, Tom

Schultz, Amy

Schultze, Ulrike

Schumacher, Edward, J.

Schur, L.

Schwartzbaum, Avraham

Schwarzer, R.

Schwier, Richard A.

Schyns, Birgit

Scott, Denise Benoit

Scott, I.

Scott, Jerome

Scott, Marc A.

Scott, Regan

Scott, William

Scott-Dixon, Krista

Scully-Russ, E.

Sedlezky, Lori

Seeley, P.

Sefton, Robin

Segers, M.

Segrist, K.

Segrist, Kathleen

Seibt, R.

Selwyn, Neil

Sen, D.

Sengupta, S.

Serafino, Allan

Serafino, Kathleen

Sevigny, Andree

Sewell, Joanne

Sewell, Penelope M.

Seymour, Nicole

Shafer, S.

Shakespeare, T.

Shanahan, Michael J.

Sharpe, Andrew

Sharpe, Dennis

Shaw, Kathleen M.

Shaw, Mae

Sheridan, Jennifer T.

Shessel, Isabel

Shifley, Rick L.

Shire, Karen

Shlay, Anne B.

Short, Jeremy C.

Short, Susan E.

Shulman, D.

Siegel, Phillip

Sigworth, Denise

Sikic-Micanovic, Lynette

Sil, Rudra

Silberman, D

Silberman-Keller, Diana

Silla, I.

Silver, I.

Siminou, Petroula

Simmons, Steve R.

Simpson, D.

Simpson, Robert

Sims, David

Sims, L.

Sinclair, A. J.

Sinclair, Glenn

Sinclair, Rupert

Singh, Madhu

Singh, Michael

Singleton, Andrew

Sippola, Lorrie

Sirgy, M. Joseph

Sirichoti, Kittipong

Six, Bernd

Sjoberg, Talley

Skelton, Christine

Skinner, Curtis

Skinner, Vicki

Skrtic, Thomas M.

Skule, Sveinung

Slack, Kim

Slack, Tim

Slomczynski, Kazimierz

Smaller, Harry

Smeaton, Deborah

Smedley, Alison

Smidova, I.

Smith, Andrew

Smith, B.Q.

Smith, C.

Smith, Dorothy

Smith, Erica

Smith, F.

Smith, J.

Smith, K.

Smith, Michael Peter

Smith, Norma

Smith, Patricia C.

Smith, Richard

Smith, Susan Groundwater

Smith, Vicki

Smith-Maddox, Renee

Smulders, P.

Smulyan, Lisa

Smyth, E.

Smyth, John

Snape, Dawn

Snart, Fern

Snellman, Kaisa

Snyder, T.

So-kum Tang, Catherine

Sobrado, Miguel

Soden, R.

Sofer, Catherine

Sohnesen, Thomas Pave

Solomon, J.

Solomon, Nicky

Solomon, Rovell Patrick

Solorzano, Daniel G.

Somech, A.

Somerville, M.

Soni-Sinha, Urvashi

Sormunen, Carolee

Sousa-Poza, Alfonso

Spataro, S. E.

Speer, Susan A.

Spencer, B.

Sperl, Christopher Thomas

Spielhofer, Thomas

Spill, Rick

Spisak, Sheila A.

Spitz-Oener, A.

Spitze, Glenna

Spracklin , Kathryn

Sprague, Joey

Springer, Matthew G.

St John, Craig

Stacey, Nevzer

Staff, Jeremy

Stamm, Margrit

Stanley, Mary J.

Stanton, Jeffrey M.

Stapleton, David C.

Starks, Brian

Starr-Glass, David

Stauber, Barbara

Steadman, Stephen

Stefan, Susan

Steiger, Thomas L.

Stein, David

Steinberg, R.

Steinberg, S.

Stephens, Dawn L.

Stephens, Paul

Stephenson, John

Steptoe, A.

Stern, Deborah

Stern, Robert N.

Stevens, D. P.

Stevens, M.

Steward, B.

Stewart, Paul

Stewart, Thomas

Stier, Haya

Stipek, Deborah

Stoecker, Randy

Stofferahn, Curtis W.

Stokes, H.

Stone, Thomas H.

Stowe, Peter

Stowe, S.

Strawn, Clare Lynn

Strazdins, Lyndall

Stro, Sara

Strough, JoNell

Ström, Sara

Stuart, M.

Sturdy, A.

Suchman, Lucy A.

Sugeno, Kazuo

Sullivan, Brandon A.

Sullivan, Cath

Sullivan, Oriel

Sultana, Ronald G.

Sulzer, Emmanuel

Sumara, Dennis

Summers, Judith

Sung, J.

Sureau, John

Sutherland, Peter

Svensson, Lennart

Swain, J.

Swallow, Veronica

Swanson, D.

Sweet, Robert

Sweet, Stephen

Symes, Colin

Szczurowska, Teresa

Tait, Tony

Tal, Revital T.

Tang, C.

Tang, Fengyan

Tangen, Fride

Tango, Robert A.

Tanner, Emily

Tanner, R. E. S.

Tannock, Stuart

Tapia, Javier

Taris, Toon W.

Tarrou, Anne-Lise Hostmark

Tastsoglou, Evangelia

Taylor, Alison

Taylor, Charlotte E.

Taylor, David

Taylor, J.

Taylor, Kathleen

Taylor, R.

Taylor, Richard

Tchibozo, Guy

Te Riele, Kitty

Tedder, M.

Teichler, Ulrich

Tell, B.

Tennant, Mark

Terrell, Ian

Tessaring, M.

Theodore, N.

Theodore, Nik

Theodosius, Catherine

Theolis, Manon

Therrien, P.

Thery, Michel

Thexton, Wayne

Thiessen, Victor

Thoits, Peggy A.

Thoman, Elizabeth

Thomas, Alan

Thomas, C.

Thomas, Daniel

Thomas, Jeff

Thomas, Liz

Thomas, Marty

Thomas, Narelle

Thomas, Zwick

Thompson, Jane

Thompson, Michael

Thompson, Paul

Thomson, Peter

Thornburg, David

Thornton, Mary

Thurow, Lester C.

Thursfield, Denise

Tikkanen, T.

Tikkanen, Tarja

Tillema, Harm H.

Tindal, Ian

Titchkosky, T.

Tobbell, J.

Tomic, W.

Tomkins, J.

Tomusk, Voldemar

Tonnessen, Finn Egil

Torr, Berna Miller

Torres, C.A.

Torres-Velasquez, Diane

Tossavainen, K.

Tougas, Francine

Townsend, Grant

Townsley, Eleanor

Tran, Henry

Tremblay, Diane-Gabrielle

Trenberth, Linda

Trivette, Carol M.

Trudeau, Gilles

Tryon, C.

Tseng, Vivian

Tubbert, Brian

Tuijnman, Albert

Tuominen, Mary

Tuominen, Mary C

Turner, Bob

Turner, Caroline

Turner, Cheryl

Turner, Paul

Turunen, H.

Tuschling, Anna

Tusting, K.

Twiname, L.J.

Tytherleigh, M. Y.

Uchitelle, Louis

Uggen, Christopher

Uhlenberg, Peter

Ullman, Charlotte

Underhill, C.

Unterbrink, T.

Unwin, L.

Usher, R.

Uslaner, Eric M.

Vaast, E.

Vahtera, Jussi

Vaillancourt, Francois

Vaisey, Stephen

Valentova, M.

Valeri-Gold, Marie

Vallas, S.

Vallas, Steven P.

van Berkel, Michel

van de Vliert, Evert

van der Meer, Peter H.

van der Veen, R.

van Dick, Rolf

van Emmerik, I. J. Hetty

van Halsema, Ineke

van Ham, Maarten

van Haneghan, James

van Horn, Joan E.

van Jaarsveld, Danielle D.

van Kleeb, Joy

van Leeuwen, Marko J.

van Melle, Elaine

van Praag, Bernard M. S.

van Reenen, John

van Rooy, T.

van Weert, T. J.

van Willigen, Marieke

van Every, J.

Vann, John W.

Vanstone, Sue Comp

Varela, P.

Velde, Christine

Venne, Rosemary A.

Venter, K.

Venter, Katharine

Venus, Marion

Verdugo, M. A.

Verhaest, D.

Verma, A.

Verma, Suman

Vermeylen, Greet

Vernez, Georges

Vernon, Sally

Verstreken, Martine

Vettor, Susan M.

Vézina, M.

Vickerstaff, Sarah A.

Vignoles, A

Vincent, Catherine

Vinodrai, Tara

Virgona, Crina

Virtanen, Pekka

Viswesvaran, Chockalingam

Volman, Monique

Volpe, F. Marie

von Hippel, Paul T.

von Krogh, Georg

von Wachter, Till

Vorhaus, John

Vosko, L.

Voss, Kim

Vromen, Ariadne

Vulliamy, Graham

Wagenaar, P.

Wagner, Alexandra

Wagner, Regine

Wagner, Ulrich

Wahlberg, M.

Wailey, Tony

Wainwright, E.

Walden, Michael L.

Walker, Kim

Walker, Michelle

Wallace, Claire

Wallerstein, Michael

Wallis, E.

Walmsley, Brad

Wals, Garry

Walsh, A.

Walshe, John

Walshok, Mary

Walsworth, S.

Walters, David

Walters, Matthew

Walters, Sally

Walters, Shirley

Walther, Andreas

Walz, G. R.

Wang, E.

Wang, Guangping

Wannell, Ted

Ward, K.

Ward, Peter

Wardell, Mark L.

Warford, Larry J.

Warhurst, Chris

Warmington, P.

Warner, Lynn

Warren, John Robert

Warren, John

Warren, Tracey

Wasson, B.

Waterhouse, Peter

Waterman, Alan S.

Waterson, Patrick

Watkins, Karen E.

Watson, David

Watson, E.

Watson, Louise

Watson, N.

Watters, Kathy

Waycott, Jenny

Webb, C.

Webb, Dale

Webb, Rosemary

Wedgwood, Nikki

Weeres, Joseph G.

Wehmeyer, Michael L.

Weiner, Eric J

Weinraub, Marsha

Weisberg, J.

Welch, Deborah

Weller, Gordon

Weller, J.

Wells, Yvonne

Welsh, Benjamin H.

Welton, Michael

Wendy, Smits

Wesche, H.

Wessel, Roger D.

Wesselingh, Anton

Wesselink, Renate

West, Linden

Westerhuis, Anneke

Western, Mark

Westwood, Andy

Wetherell, Margaret

Weyher, L. Frank

Weymann, Ansgar

Wharton, Amy S.

Whatman, R.

Wheelahan, Leesa

Wheeler, E.

Wheelock, Jane

White, D.

White, Linda Feldmeier

White, Randy

White, Sarah Finkelberg

Whitfield, K.

Whiting, Kim

Whittaker, Susan

Whittington, Dave

Widmer, Rolf

Wieling, Myra

Wiersma, E.

Wigfield, Andrea

Wiggins, Cindy

Wihak, Christine

Wikman, A.

Wilkins, Roger

Wilkinson, David

Wilkinson, L.

Wilkinson, Lori

Willams, Sarah

Williams, Ann

Williams, Colin C.

Williams, Jacquetta

Williams, Jarvis E.

Williams, Joanna

Williams, Sara

Williams, T.

Williamson, Jennifer

Willis, Peter

Willmott , Hugh

Wills, J.

Wilson, Alastair

Wilson, Arthur L.

Wilson, John

Wilson, K.

Wilson, Valerie

Wilss, Lynn

Wilton, R.

Winch, Christopher

Windebank, Jan

Wingens, Matthias

Winiecki, D.

Winkelmann, Rainer

Winne, P.

Winning, Tracey

Winterton, Jonathan

Winterton, Ruth

Wirsching, M.

Wirt, John

Withnall, Alexandra

Witt, Harald

Witzel, Andreas

Wojnowski, Brenda

Wolbers, Maarten

Wolfe, Christopher R.

Wolff, Francois-Charles

Wolff, Richard D

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