Materials for Teaching, Research and Policy Making

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Work and Lifelong Learning

Resource Base (WALLRB)

Materials for Teaching, Research and Policy Making
Principal Investigator: D. W. Livingstone

Team Members: M. Raykov, K. Pollock, F. Antonelli

A. Scholtz, A. Bird

2008 (Second edition)

Centre for the Study of Education and Work

Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto

Introduction 3
1. General Resources for Work and Learning 9

1.1. Research Methods for Studying Learning and Work Relations 9

1.2. Compendium of Surveys on Learning and Work 30

1.3. Case Studies of Learning and Work 93
2. Work 115

2.1. General Perspectives on the Changing Nature of Work 115

2.2. Assessments of "Knowledge-based Economy", “Post-Industrial
Society”, "New Economy" and Economic Globalization 150

2.3. Changes in Paid Work and Employment Statuses 169

2.4. Changes in Household Work 196

2.5. Changes in Community Volunteer Work 236
3. Learning 263

3.1. Lifelong Learning – General Perspectives on
Learning in Contemporary Society 263

3.2. Formal Education, Schooling 293

3.3. Adult/Further/Continuing/Non-formal Education, Formal Training 308

3.4. Informal Education/Training 327

3.5. Informal Learning, Self-directed Learning 342

3.6. Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition 354
4. Work and Learning

4.1. General Perspectives on Learning-Work Relationships 382

4.2 Employment and Education/Formal Training, Apprenticeships 416

4.3. Employment and Informal Education/Informal Learning 450

4.4. Unpaid Work and Learning 471

4.5. Education-Job Requirement Matching
(Underemployment, Underqualification, Underutilization) 479

4.6. Power Relations and Social Inequality in Work and Learning

(Class, Gender, Race, Generation, Disability Dimensions) 528

4.7. Work and Learning and the Labour Movement/Unions 558

4.8. School-to-Work Transitions 583

4.9. Work and Learning through the Adult Life Course 614
5.0. Other Special Topics in Learning and Work 633

5.1. Technological Change, Learning and Work 633

5.2. Immigrants, Work and Learning 653

5.3. Disability, Work and Learning 667

5.4. Working Conditions, Stress & Learning: Teachers & Other Workers 694

  1. Appendices 731

Appendix 1. Index of Authors 731

Appendix 2. Index of Keywords 748

The purpose of the Work and Lifelong Learning Resource Base (WALLRB) is to provide a wide range of bibliographic references and links to full-text sources of research on diverse forms of lifelong learning and diverse forms of work, with a primary focus on the relations between learning and work. The conceptions of learning (including formal schooling, continuing education, informal education and non-taught informal learning) and of work (including household and volunteer work as well as paid employment) are more inclusive than prior common usage and bibliographic conventions have encouraged. Sections on varied general theoretical perspectives and relevant research methods are included. Sections on studies of different aspects of work, of learning and of work-learning relations are the core of WALLRB. Several other special topics are also addressed. The current version of the WALLRB focuses on materials from the 2000 to 2008 period and supercedes the prior 2006 version.
The WALLRB has been developed under the sponsorship of the Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI) fund award associated with the Canada Research Chair in Lifelong Learning and Work. The WALLRB is coordinated by the Centre for the Study of Education and Work (CSEW), located at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto (OISE/UT).
The WALLRB provides extensive coverage of international, mostly English language sources and includes: (1) the most extensive current annotated bibliography of research and policy studies on lifelong learning and work issues; (2) an extensive listing and data archive of recent surveys and case studies on learning and work (website addresses for available relevant surveys are provided and directly linked to the sources through the html version of the WALLRB); and (3) a growing collection of books, articles and other materials related to CSEW and accessible through the University of Toronto library system.
The WALLRB builds on related bibliographic research done by the research network on the Changing Nature of Work and Lifelong Learning (WALL) sponsored by the Social Sciences and Humanities Federation of Canada (SSHRC). The preliminary WALL bibliography (WALL Working Paper # 2 by Livingstone, Raykov and Stowe), is available, along with other WALL General Studies Papers at the WALL website ( The WALLRB also builds on the prior bibliographies focused on informal learning (see Adams et al, 1999; Luciani, 2001) produced by the SSHRC research network on New Approaches to Lifelong Learning (NALL); these are available at the NALL website ( An annotated bibliography of many of the research papers produced by NALL (Livingstone, 2006) is available at both the NALL and WALL websites and more selectively in WALLRB. The continuing publications of the WALL research network will continue to be listed on the WALL website over the next few years (
The WALLRB relies primarily on the sources listed in the following table:


University of Toronto

York University

Ryerson University

Canadian National Library

US Library of Congress

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