Massacre of Israeli Olympic team in Munich, Sept 5, 1972 Focus Question

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Massacre of Israeli Olympic team in Munich, Sept 5, 1972
Focus Question:

What were the motivations and means of Black September with the Munich terrorist act?

Main areas of focus

Black September Palestinian terrorist

During hostage negotiations, Sept.5th1972
“We have made one of the best achievements of Palestinian commando action… It was like painting the name of Palestine on a mountain that can be seen from the four corners of the earth”
(excerpt from a Black September statement, one week after Munich)
Abu-Iyad in his book Stateless wrote the

Munich operation had three goals

  1. “to present the existence of the Palestinian people to the whole world, whether they like it or not”

  2. “to secure the release of over 200 Palestinian fighters locked in Israel jails”

  3. “to use the unprecedented number of media outlets in one city to display the Palestinian struggle for better or worse

Overall, the Munich Olympic attack was very successful for Black September and all pro Palestinian organisations. This terrorist attack would set the example for decades to come and would stay entrenched in people’s thoughts for years.

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