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COMPETENCY 4: Warm-up Procedures--- 21 EX Linear Accelerator

The student will demonstrate the morning warm-up procedure for each treatment unit. To be performed after the student has performed the procedure under the direction of a clinical supervisor.

1. With key in standby, turn on console monitor.

2. Insert keys (2) located on the ledge of cabinet door in console and Standby/

On switch

3. Turn on HyperTerminal (Black Box)

4. Turn MLC Computer On and Log-in

5. Wait 5 minutes to complete initialization of MLC Leaves-go to “START” and

click on “MLX Millennium” to view leaves initializing

6. Bring the gantry up to 0 degrees (failure to do this will cause MLC

initialization to fail)

7. Bring up Argus – enter password

8. Perform morning dosimetry readings

a. Place victoreen on table, align cross hairs, set SSD

b. Enter temp and pressure, check for correct mach and energy

c. Select and run separately 4,6,9,12,15 meV’s using Argus

d. Repeat with photon energy 6 and 10 Mv

9. Report to physics if readings are outside standard limits

10. Turn IMPAC Monitor On

11. Boot up IMPAC Hard Drive (only after MLC initialization is complete)

12. Log-in to IMPAC from the desktop

13. Park MLC

14. Take the following readings from inside the Gantry Stand:

a. Water Pressure – approximately 76 psi

b. Water Temperature – approximately 40 degrees

c. Gas Pressure – approximately 32 psi

15. MLC Test/ Check lasers and ODI

16. Explain flatness and symmetry of the beam you are checking.


Was obviously satisfied with an unsuccessful or incomplete result

Was awkward and lacked a coordinated approach to the procedure

Proceeded rapidly but exhibited a lack of attention to detail

Was slow and deliberate

Was well paced and thorough

Exhibited dexterity, precision, and coordination

Proceeded rapidly and skillfully



Comprehension of concepts necessary for completing this task was: (Check one)

Inadequate for even basic concepts

Limited understanding of essential concepts

Adequate understanding of basic concepts

Above average understanding of basic concepts

Comprehensive knowledge of basic and advanced concepts


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9/01, 8/07

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