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COMPETENCY 3B: Treatment Unit Orientation & Emergency Procedures (Second Clinical Year)

The student will demonstrate competency in emergency procedures and in the identification and use of equipment associated with the assigned treatment unit. This will be accomplished by the end of the first week of each clinical rotation of the second year. This will be assessed with the clinical supervisor for the treatment unit in a simulated situation.



1. Locate:

a. Emergency shut-off switches in the room

b. Emergency shut-off switches outside room (incl. circuit breaker)

c. Treatment room code button

d. Code cart

e. Ambu bags

f. Suction machine

g. defibrillator

h. O2

i. fire extinguishers

j. fire alarms

k. fire exits

l. emergency pendent

2. State the emergency phone numbers:

a. medical (cardiac, respiratory, psych)

b. fire

c. security

3. List information to be provided if emergency number is contacted:

a. name, department, position

b. nature of emergency

c. location

4. Describe departmental emergency procedures:

a. code

b. fire

5. Locate and demonstrate use of all controls operating

(Beginning with third rotation)

a. collimator

1. rotation

2. field sizes

b. gantry

c. couch

d. console (including manual setting of back-up timers)

6. Discuss limitations:

a. field size

b. SSD

c. wedges and compensators

1. field size

2. orientation relative to collimators

3. block trays (if used)


7. Identify and demonstrate proper use of the following components:

(beginning with third rotation)

a. standard block tray holder (if used)

b. electron cones

c. standard and custom compensators

d. universal wedges

e. extended range couch motion

f. use of independent collimator settings

g. immobilization devices

8. Correctly measure and record beam quality

a. state tolerances

b. describe procedure followed if not meeting quality standards

9. Discuss how to start the treatment unit if emergency off has been engaged

or circuit breaker has been tripped.

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