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Radiation Safety - Clinical Competency Evaluation

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Radiation Safety - Clinical Competency Evaluation

Student Name:_________________________ Date:__________________________

Evaluated by:__________________________ Evaluation period:________________

Please use the space provided for comments and suggestions for improvement.


The student will gain clinical experience in the practice of radiation protection and brachytherapy procedures through a rotation in the radiation safety office of an affiliated clinical education center. This experience will be gained through observation of and providing assistance to the RSO team.

The student will demonstrate PROFESSIONAL BEHAVIOR by:



Report to clinical assignment and assumed clinical duties at assigned time

Observing all aspects of RSO’s role

Utilizing clinical time to complete clinical objectives

Demonstrating self-direction in completing clinical objectives

The student will demonstrate KNOWLEDGE of radiation safety procedures by:



Describe requirements and responsibilities for a radiation protection officer

List objectives of a radiation protection program and demonstrate ability to document same

Interpret personnel monitoring reports

State examples of personnel and area radiation monitors

Describe the theory and operation and demonstrate use of the following personnel and area monitors:

ring badges, film badges, pocket ionization

GM counter, cutie pie

Identify the applications, advantages and limitations of each of the above devices

Identify controlled/ uncontrolled areas and acceptable exposure limits for each

National/ state radiation limits in controlled/ uncontrolled areas

State when a radiation survey should be done

Identify who should conduct the survey

List conditions and locations evaluated in an area survey

Identify personnel to be notified in case of isotope loss or damage

Describe “RADIATION AREA” signs

The student will observe and assist with/in:



Determining the presence of radiation in controlled or uncontrolled areas

Area and room surveys during and following brachytherapy procedures

Appropriate placement of “RADIATION AREA” signs

Appropriate storage methods for brachytherapy sources

Source inventory procedures

Maintenance, use and cleaning of brachytherapy applicators

Leak testing of brachytherapy sources

Overall assessment of clinical performance:


______acceptable with reservation (see notes for improvement)

______satisfactory (documentation of efforts to correct deficiencies attached)

Areas of Strength:

Areas Needing Improvement:



(Signature indicates only that evaluation has been reviewed.)

Student comments: (Please attach additional sheet if necessary)

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