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Brachytherapy OBSERVATION ROTATION: HDR CT Sim: Brachytherapy

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Brachytherapy OBSERVATION ROTATION: HDR CT Sim: Brachytherapy

The student will observe an HDR/ Brachytherapy procedure and explain to the supervising therapist the concepts involved, and the points detailed below.

CT SIMULATOR √ N/A comments/notes

Review of CT Scanner operations: warm ups , general info

Identify parts of the console and sim controls

Virtual simulation workstation: CT scanner, target volume definition/treatment planning dose calculation software

Review emergency procedures

Patient data entry

Patient set up for HDR purposes

Protocol selection; algorithm selection, slice thickness, scan location

Discuss slice interval (spacing)

Technique Selection; mA, kVp, rotation speed, table movement

Identify gantry, laser systems, localizing process, bore size (70 cm, 90 cm)

Discuss image reconstruction, reconstruction algorithms, (ie. Cylinder diameter measurements)

Axial, coronal, sagittal views

Discuss image display; higher the matrix the more improved the spatial resolution; contrast; Hounsfield Units/ CT numbers

Room & equipment: locate control area, sterilization and scrub areas, treatment room equipment, brachy planning; locate crash cart, sharps container; emergency stops; CODE team numbers and important team numbers inc. radiation safety officer contacts


Explain Afterloader operation for procedures; discuss HDR, LDR and VLDR

Review HDR console and operations

Discuss Radioisotopes

Daily QA – warm ups

Emergency procedures and equipment usage, inc. radiation safety personnel

Identify various types of patient immobilization, kits, & when to use them

Understanding of the case observed (pick 1 or 2 to discuss)

Case options:

GYN: Cylinders; T & O; T & Ring; T & cylinder

Prostate TRUS

Others: surface applicators; catheters; vasculars; endobronchs; bile ducts; mammosites; esophageal; Liver- SirSpheres

Others: LDR and VLDR cases. (For example, LDR T & O; VLDR seeds case for sarcomas

Explain importance of HDR treatment to that patients’ course of treatment, as an alternative therapy

Explain your understanding of the emotional aspects of the explained treatment

Discuss various ways to identify a patient

Explain Safety Pauses: anesthesia cases and outpatients

Discuss parts of the treatment record (paper recording; HDR treatment procedures; physics planning concepts)

Identify and explain sterilization kits, equipment, and clean up

Discuss billing and coding for procedures


(Choose all which apply)



Was enthusiastic and inquisitive

Showed knowledge of Radioisotopes

Did not show adequate knowledge of Radioisotopes

Showed understanding of the concepts and topics discussed

Understood the Cognitive Domain as part of their competency (demonstration of understanding of concepts related to anatomy, physiology, pathology, and dose to critical structures; recognize complications and side-effects commonly associated with each treatment procedure; and also describe alternative treatment procedures and how those procedures might apply to a given case)

Understood the Psychomotor Domain as part of their competency (Demonstrate competence performing activities such as verifying treatment parameters, set-up, patient positioning and immobilization, monitoring the treatment delivery, and documentation)

Understood the relevance of the ‘Interpersonal Domain’ for competency assessment (demonstrate ongoing sensitivity to and compassion for each patient’s physical and emotional well-being, interact with the members of the team in a positive and productive manner, and maintain high ethical standards)

Appeared not motivated to learn

Asked appropriate questions

Was not inquisitive

Took notes

Behaved professionally to patients and/or staff members

Did not behave professionally to patients and/or staff members

Student’s Signature
Evaluator’s Signature 9/2010

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