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Second Year Student’s Role & Responsibility

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Second Year Student’s Role & Responsibility

The second year student is considered a “novice” student with different capabilities than the third year students. The following is a

guideline for the staff to follow when working with a second year student. Each clinical situation and facility is different as is the

capabilities of each student. The staff therapist will need to use their own clinical judgment as to the level of the student and the level

of supervision required. This list is a guideline; for more detailed Clinical Internship Rules, refer to the RTT student handbook


  • Introduce self & greet the patients. Escort patients to and from the treatment room

  • Assist patient to and from treatment couch using correct lifting/moving techniques

  • Help maintain patient comfort while maintaining proper patient positioning

  • Explain treatment procedures

  • Set up treatment room prior to procedure and clean room after procedure

  • Relay patient problems & complaints to radiation therapist, nurse or physician


  • Explain and demonstrate the use of immobilization devices, blocks & wedges

  • Identify correct patient & Time – Out procedure

  • Assist with patient positioning by:

  • 1. locating skin marks and tattoos

  • 2. instructing patient as to desired position

  • 3. correcting patient alignment

  • Develop and mark portal images

  • Document patient treatment by:

  • 1. recording daily treatment fields and meter doses *all entries to be reviewed an cosigned by staff

  • 2. recording of portal films taken

  • 3. recording any change in treatment parameters

  • Demonstrate operation of pendant and control panel

  • Rotating the gantry from outside the room is not encouraged. I therapist can choose to allow this function with supervision

or to save time in the process

  • Running the beam with supervision. Student must have verbal ok from a licensed therapist after checking all control panel

settings & parameters before turning the beam on

  • Locate and use emergency shut-offs


  • The ability to report to the assigned area on time. Return from all breaks or rotations promptly as scheduled

  • Dress code compliance

  • Professional attitudes & respect towards staff

  • The ability to accept constructive criticism when necessary

  • Effective communication skills, including proper phone etiquette

  • Honesty & integrity

  • Maintain patient confidentiality

  • Complete and maintain Clinical Attendance Record & have staff sign on a daily basis

Reviewed 8/11

Mid-Point Evaluation

The purpose of the mid point evaluation is to have the therapists identify student’s strengths and weaknesses and give that student sufficient time to improve if needed. The student is responsible for reviewing the mid-term evaluation along with course objectives at the beginning of every rotation to ascertain what clinical skills and behaviors will be evaluated by the therapy staff.

1. It is the student’s responsibility to provide the staff with the document one week prior to the due date.

2. The same mid-evaluation form is used for all clinical internships.

3. It is preferred by the faculty that all staff therapists working with the student on the treatment unit have input in the evaluation of the student.

4. The lead therapist or clinical supervisor is responsible for reviewing the mid-point evaluation with the student. **This document MUST be reviewed with the student**.

5. It is the student’s responsibility to forward this document to the Clinical Coordinator by the due date.

6. A student who debates a grade with the clinical staff will have a clinical infraction and/or program disciplinary actions based on the severity of behaviors

Revised 6/10



201C, 202C, 203C, 304C, 305C
Student Name:___________________ _____ Date:___________
Clinical Supervisors and students please note: This review is completed midway through the rotation. Comments and observations are not limited to the sections below. Please discuss all areas of concern with the student & document in the comment section.




1. Use equipment properly and safely.

2. Interprets set-up information correctly.

3. Displays plan of action in room (i.e. patient flow, knowing their role inside and outside of the treatment room.)

4. Displays ability to make field adjustments as prescribed

5. Displays ability to correctly document in treatment record

6. Able to retain & demonstrate previously learned technical skills


1. Displays professionalism (ex.: complies with dress code, prepared in room, use of appropriate language)

2. Maintains a professional atmosphere with patients and other members of the patient care team.

3. Accepts responsibility willingly

4. Has displayed attempts to achieve all of his/her required objectives without need for cueing from staff.

5. Accepts criticism well & makes needed improvements


1. Follows chain of command when addressing conflict

2. Fills out and discusses intent form with appropriate staff

3. Seeks staff assessment on their progress and acts upon it

4. Uses time efficiently & seeks out additional work


Comments and Recommendations on How to Improve in Specific Clinical Areas: Please support all noted areas of need for improvement with a narrative in this section.

Students Comments:

Students this is your time to voice your concerns on your rotation.

Note: Do you agree or disagree with your evaluation and why?

Clinical Supervisor(s):___________________________ DATE:___________
Student:________________________________________ DATE:___________

Patient Care

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