Massachusetts Bay Colony Period 2 Do Now

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Massachusetts Bay Colony

Period 2

Do Now: What does the seal of the Massachusetts Bay Colony demonstrate regarding the English view of the Indians?

Great Migration:

  • 10 years after the Mayflower, a group of Puritans (non-Separatists), led by _____________________ landed in New England

  • Established the _____________________________________________________________________

  • 1630-1640

  • Goals: ____________________________________________________________________________

  • 20,000+ colonists emigrated

  • Formed a joint stock company – Massachusetts Bay Co.

  • Far _______________________________________________________________________________


  • Came as ____________________, multiple generations

  • Older & more prosperous

  • More ________________________________________ than Chesapeake

  • Lower mortality rates: 1st generation = 72 y/o

  • ___________________________________________________________

  • 7/8 of children reached adulthood

  • 1700: Pop = 91,000  ________________________________________

Government & Society:

  • Puritans feared individualism & lack of social unity

  • __________________________________________________________________________________

  • Law required towns to est. a school

  • To train ministry  _________________________ was founded

  • ________________ elected a governor

- Only full church members could be elected and vote

- “_________________________”- A person who experiences public conversion, a public profession of faith, and has worldly success which confirms membership in the elect

Central Historical Question: Were the Puritans selfish or selfless?

  • Individually read the two speeches by Puritans leaders who formed the Massachusetts Bay Colony to determine how they believed they should act in the New World.

  • Complete the “Guiding Questions” as you read the excerpts.

Group Discussion Questions:

  1. Based on these documents, how might the Puritans’ religion shape their actions in the New World?

  1. How do you think Puritans would have reacted to someone who strayed from the religion? Why?

  1. Based on these documents, how do you think the Puritans reacted to the Native Americans they encountered?

Wrap Up: Complete “Corroboration: Using evidence from Document A and Document B, were the Puritans selfish or selfless?” in the space provided on your handout.

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