Masque of the Red Death By Edgar Allen Poe Pgs. 76-77, 78-83 Author

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Masque of the Red Death

By Edgar Allen Poe

Pgs.76-77, 78-83
1. Author – List three facts about the author
Building Vocabulary – Write the definition and part of speech for the following words:

2. August –

3. Piquancy –

4. Arabesque –

5. Cessation –

6. Disapprobation –

7. Habiliments –

Complete Sentences with all of the following:

Build Grammar Skills

8. What is subject-verb agreement?

Singular example:

Plural example:

Literature and Your Life

9. What three items would you bring if you were going to lock yourself away in a mansion for the rest of your life?

Background for Understanding

10. What was the Black Death, and how is it related to the Red Death?

Literary Focus

  1. What is a symbol, and what is an example of a symbol in this story?

Reading Strategy

12. What is a context clue?

Story Selection Questions. Use complete sentences.

13. Whom does Prospero invite to his abbey?

14. What does the color black symbolize in this story? What does the ebony clock remind or symbolize to the partygoer

15. How do the people at the masque feel before the Red Death arrives?

16. What is the theme, or central message, of “The Masque of the Red Death”?

17. The people at the party are so lovely and exquisite in their rich clothing/costumes that Poe calls the costumes what?

18. Why does Prospero complain about the masked stranger? What does he thinks he looks


  1. How does Prospero die?

  2. Before the apparition of the Red Death, the mental state of the masqueraders is: “in them beat feverishly the heart of life.” What does that quote mean?

  3. Define casements as listed in the story, page 79, column 2, paragraph 1.

What context clues help you better understand this word?

22. Find Voluptuous, on page 79, column 1, paragraph 2. What does it mean?

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