Mash-Up Tossup Extravaganza (mute) Packet by John Lawrence

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Deal or No Diels-Alder [grudgingly accept "Diels-Alder or No Deal", but this is obviously a worse way of mashing it up]
4. The Seven Crystal Balls are among the objects depicted in a gondola in this painter’s The Deliverance of Arsinoe, which is often cited as a prime example of Alph-Art. One of his paintings depicts two identical-looking, bowler-wearing mustachioed detectives descending from the heavens to prevent a slave from being martyred. Another of his paintings depicts the words “blistering barnacles” shooting out from Juno’s breast, where Captain Haddock was suckling. For 10 points, name this Venetian-Belgian master who painted the dog Snowy at the feet of Christ in his diagonally oriented Last Supper.


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