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Winnie-the-Poohgachev’s Rebellion

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Winnie-the-Poohgachev’s Rebellion [accept obvious equivalents for “rebellion”, like “uprising”]
22. In this novel, Berthe Crow is banished to earth for dropping the Heavenly Queen’s crystal goblet. At another point in this novel, Otis Amber urinates on five pillars that turn out to be fingers. At the end of this work, Judge Ford tells Pigsy that the title character purposely sacrificed his queen in a game of chess. The eighty-first calamity occurs in this work when a turtle named Turtle kicks Sandy McSouthers in the shins, causing him to lose some important scriptures. For 10 points, name this Chinese Classical novel in which Sun Wukong competes to become the title millionaire’s heir by solving his murder.


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