Mash-Up Tossup Extravaganza (mute) Packet by John Lawrence

Chester A. Arthur C. Clarke

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Chester A. Arthur C. Clarke [middle initials may be omitted, or replaced with the full names “Alan” and “Charles”, but this is clearly the most artful way of mashing these two names up]
10. One work in this genre includes a character who pleads “See me, feel me / Touch me, heal me” while trapped in a vacuum defined as an infinite sea of particles with negative energy. In one work in this genre, a gypsy called the Acid Queen attempts to cure a character by proposing the existence of antimatter. One work in this genre describes a relativistic wave function for spin-1/2 pinballs. The most famous work in this genre is about a deaf, dumb, and blind kid who is zero everywhere except at zero. For 10 points, name this genre pioneered with the album Delta Function by The Who.


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