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“If you furnish the pictures, I will furnish the war,” said William R. Hearst, the owner of New York Journal, a newspaper, which published detailed accounts with photos and dramatic headlines of questionable nature about the Spanish-American war. Indeed, the Spanish-American war was the first one to be actively and dramatically followed by newspaper not for the purpose of informative journalism, but for the purpose of selling as many copies as possible. Some historians even claim that McKinley only entered the war because he was pressured by the press. Three days after the explosion, Hearst's New York Journal became the first newspaper in history to sell over one million copies. (Sierra)

Similarly, the newspaper coverage of World War I was just short of lurid and probably as a result also widely followed. Journalistic standards and objective reporting were rare, so the most sensational news made the covers, often without much verification. Though presidential speeches were printed without any modification, the reactions and critiques of readers as well as the journalists were also published and varied according to the newspaper. That said, selling was by large the biggest motivator.

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