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I declare that I wrote this master’s thesis on my own and that I used only the sources listed in the bibliography.

I agree with the placing of this thesis in the library of the Faculty of Education at Masaryk University and with the access of this thesis for academic purposes.

Dolní Bečva, 20 April 2012 Hana Bellová


I would like to thank my supervisor Mgr. Martin Adam Ph.D. for his support and guidance and his prompt and useful ideas and recommendations. I would also like to thank my children Tristen and Halina for being so understanding and encouraging, and I hope to be able to repay them one day when they write their theses. Finally, I want to thank my husband Jason and dedicate this thesis to him, as without his help, support and love I would not have been able to succeed in this difficult endeavor.

Hana Bellová

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